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Modern-day garage door technology makes life super-convenient for car owners. Garage door remotes, in particular, have made it very easy for car owners to use and park their vehicles. The annoyance of having to get out of the car every time you enter or exit the building has been completely eliminated. However, with great technology comes greater responsibilities. What should car owners do when their remotes are lost, stolen, or broken? Here’s a complete guide – 

Understanding the Functionality of Garage Door Remotes 

Old and new generation garage door remotes In Sydney, function by sending masked signals to garage door motors (via radio frequencies). If the motor recognizes this signal, it raises/lowers the garage doors. Modern-day garage door remotes send alternating codes to make the doors even more secure. These remotes send billions of unique combinations, providing optimum security to car owners. 

When the Remotes Stop Working… 

When a garage door remote stops working, the first step that car owners should take is checking the battery. Remotes with weak batteries can’t transmit signals to the garage door motors. However, if a fully charged remote doesn’t work, there may be some issues with the garage door opener itself. 

  • Check whether the garage door motor’s circuit boards are working fine. Try to figure out whether the issue lies with the sender (the remote) or the receiver (the garage door motor).  
  • Avoid online ads that promote products like “universal garage door remote.” Different garage door motor and remote manufacturers use different types of coding technologies, so these products are usually scams.
  • Make sure your remote is manufactured by a verified seller. Only original remotes are fixable. Repairing cheap remotes is not a cost-effective endeavour. You’re better off purchasing a slightly more expensive remote with an original design.

After taking these steps, contact an official expert on garage door remotes in Sydney. These garage door experts will be able to steer you in the correct direction regarding your replacement/repair options. 

Replacing Damaged Garage Door Remotes

The best way to replace a damaged garage door remote is to acquire one that exactly matches the previous model. Contact the manufacturer of your damaged garage door motor/remote and ask for a replacement. The replacement they provide will have similar code switches and operate on the same radio frequencies. The transition from the old garage door remote to the new one will be seamless. 

  • If you can’t contact the original manufacturer of the garage door remote, look for generic garage door remote replacements. These slightly cheaper remotes are compatible with different types of garage door motors. 
  • Make sure the replacement garage door remote features the same code system that your garage door opener currently uses.
  • Assess the brand name and model number of your garage door opener. You can find these details on the garage door motor’s cover or rear panel. These regions of the motor feature details like – serial numbers, model numbers, manufacturer codes, etc. Relay this information to the remote seller. They’ll use this information to find the right remote for your garage door motor. 

Top providers of garage door remotes will help you identify the most suitable remote-control replacements for your garage door opener. So, don’t refrain from seeking professional assistance! 


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