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Herringbone Tile splashback is a tile made of stone, ceramic, or porcelain. The style of the tiles is like a fishbone, mainly the skeleton of the herring. This type of tile is mostly used in the kitchen. Suppose you are planning to renew your kitchen, then never ignore the herringbone style tile. The tile is available in different patterns and colors that change the kitchen space’s visual effect to a large extent. This creates more movement space on the floor and makes the place drier and airier. Before deciding on the tiling of the space of your property, one needs to consult an experienced designer who will be able to choose the right tile that will match the other part of the house.

Advantages of the layout

  • One may choose to design a traditional bathroom or different patterns of a kitchen that might be contemporary or maybe traditional. One of the most effective and trending layouts is herringbone tile splashback. The arrangement of the tiles can make the kitchen or the bathroom more updated and stylish.
  • Installing herringbone tile will increase the area of the space if the place is narrow. The pattern of the arrangement of this tile is diagonal, so visually, the place looks bigger.
  • The pattern of this tile is successful in attracting attention, but one must choose the right color, style, and pattern that will blend with the colour of the space and with the entire place around it. 

Add up to the décor

If you wish to make a different kitchen style, then discuss it with the designer and try to go through the options of herringbone tile splashback. The designer will enhance the value of your house by installing the tile in respective areas like the kitchen, bathroom, some parts in the bedroom, and sometimes even on the floor. There are a few aspects that have made the tile so famous:

  • The choice of different layouts gives extra impact.
  • It adds movement to your space and makes it look bigger.
  • A plain design tile can change with some interest created with it.
  • The options are large in terms of designs, color, and layout that will fit the style of the house. 
  • Easy to maintain by just wiping with any cleaning agent. A darker grout is enough to hide any dirt.
  • Highest resistant to water, and hence they are used in the bathroom or kitchen.
  • They are durable and stain-resistant.
  • You might want to give a look at your house of real wood, parquet floor with wood effect, the choice is numerous. It is available in light and bright colors, reflecting the light accordingly.

The pattern of the tile

The tiles have different patterns, but one can install them according to their choice. The designers install them according to the degrees, like 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and diagonal. 45 degrees give a zig-zag look, 90 degrees give a vertical look, and diagonal gives a chevron pattern. The tile is used on floors of any area that may not be just the bathroom or kitchen. 


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