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When making an important home buying decision, most savvy buyers will have a must-have checklist as they try to invest their hard-earned dollars wisely! more and more Australians are becoming smarter shoppers by researching the market, comparing prices, and most importantly, buying Australian products.

Buying a new Australian-made bed is a major purchasing decision that requires more than just choosing a size and budget. Indeed, a good bed and mattress is a vital investment in sleep, health, and well-being. It goes without saying that overall comfort and aesthetics are typically at the top of the list of priorities when choosing the right bed for you – it’s a good idea!

But if quality, craftsmanship, and product satisfaction are on your shopping list, look no further for an Australian-made bed and here’s why.

  1. Built to Australian standards

One of the main benefits of Australian made beds is that Australian made beds have been designed to suit the Australian consumer and lifestyle. For example, some mattresses may be approved by national health authorities to help people with chronic conditions such as asthma and allergies. 

The Australian made bed have been cleverly designed using high quality materials and technology to help regulate body temperature and minimise overheating for a more comfortable night’s sleep (especially useful in our typically hot summers). Beds made overseas may not meet the same high manufacturing standards of Australia in comparison, which can lead to inferior build quality, compromised quality and poor customer satisfaction.

  1. Quality and craftsmanship

Did you know that all beds made in Australia are handmade? Yes. Every bed sold here in Australia has been carefully manufactured to ensure it meets the highest standards in accordance with current Australian guidelines and regulations. Australian made bed are built to last and are a wise investment in materials and quality standards, all made with supreme attention to detail.

3. Reduce your ecological footprint

By purchasing an Australian-made beds you reduce your carbon footprint. As every locally produced beds is produced here in the country, it offsets and reduces the large amount of energy and greenhouse gases emitted when imported from overseas.

4. Australian Warranty and Guarantee

When you buy an Australian made bed, you get consumer protection which is covered by Australian law. As a consumer, you get assurance of quality and peace of mind, backed by extended warranty and warranty periods with the help and assistance of local bed manufacturers. On the other hand, buying a bed manufactured overseas may result in a shorter product warranty.

5. Support jobs in Australia

Who wouldn’t want to support Australian-made products when it means supporting our economy and local businesses? Buying an Australian made bed keeps production in the country and Australians work! 

Many Australian bed companies are locally run by families, with the business passed down from generation to generation with decades of experience. There is no doubt that supporting Australian-made beds will help you sleep better at night.


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