Sun, Jul 14, 2024

Pallets are flat like structures used for transport. They support merchandise that is elevated in a stable way, which is fashionable. Shipping containers and goods are placed on pallets fixed with shrink wrap or stretch wraps and shipped. Each timber pallet can be wooden, metal, plastic, paper, or recycled materials.

Timber pallet manufacturers make durable and quality pallets, making it easier to get the right design. The wood utilized to manufacture timber pallets can be of three types: Softwood, high, and low-density hardwoods. The high-density hardwoods consist of; Cherry, Birch, Maple, Oak, Beech, Red Maple, Yellow Birch, and Elm. Low-density hardwoods focus on Poplar, Linden, Aspen, Willow, and Walnut. Hardwoods lead in the manufacturing of timber pallets. The lead is because they are durable and of high quality. Contrasting with other materials like plastics, paper, and metal, hardwoods are biodegradable, environment-friendly, and economical.

Manufacturers were to use softwoods due to the shortage of the hardwoods. Softwoods have their advantage, which is very economical, making 80% of the market. Softwoods also have a low density and are a cheaper option. The wood you decide to use on timber pallets should depend on the weight of goods to be carried. High density should be used on the export of heavy materials. 

Timber pallets might all look the same, but they are of different designs. The following are some examples of designs you can get for timber pallets in Sydney

Block pallets

These kinds of timber pallets are noticeable because of their entry into four ways. Forklifts can access them on all four sides. They have 4 to 12 cylindrical posts for stabilizing the upper deck board. Block timber pallets can come with or without bottom boards. To increase the efficiency of handling, the designs used are both parallel and perpendicular stringers.

Stringer pallets

They get the name stringer from the bottom and top boards running in between them. The boards are to be used to support the timber pallet load. Stringer pallets are of two ways and allow forklifts from the two sides only. Stringer pallets can also be found in four ways that will enable the lifting of the four sides. Notched stringer wooden pallets allow the four-way with forklifts while the two ways allow pallet jacks.

Double-Face Pallets

These timber pallets exist in two styles: single and double face. Double face timber pallets have both the bottom and top surfaces. The bottom deck increases the strength of the pallet, and this helps in the distribution of weight. The double face timber pallet comes in non-reversible and reversible types. Reversible pallets have stacked items on both sides and can also be flipped. Non-reversible timber pallets, on the other hand, have one of its surfaces more densely planks used for packing and storing.


Timber Pallet available in Sydney is of different designs and types, and it is up to you to decide on the best. This depends on the type and the heaviness of goods to be carried. Timber pallets are the best and most economical type of pallet.