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Think about what flows through your sewer every day. Various grease and food residues are thrown down the drain when washing dishes. When you shower, hair, soap, and dirt make their way through your home’s plumbing. 

If you don’t clean your shower and sink drains, any buildup can wreak havoc on your home’s drains and pipes if you don’t clear the blocked drain. It’s essential to schedule drain cleaning regularly to minimise future problems and damage to your home.

Benefits of Regular Drain Cleaning

1. Improve the life of your drain: 

A clear blocked drain can extend the life of your gutters by minimising the damage that can build up over time.

Removes terrible smells: Cleaning the drains removes food particles and dirt stuck in the drains. A professional drain cleaning can also remove unpleasant odours.

2. Faster drainage and fewer clogs – 

Drains can clog over time, causing severe clogs. Cleaning the drain can clear blockages, and you’ll notice even faster drainage!

3. Keep expensive repairs at bay – 

When planning regular drain maintenance, it is often possible to detect small problems before they become big. Whether you have outdated pipes, overflowing pipes, or blocked drains, your plumber will be able to spot them soon.

How often do you clean the drains?

Keeping clear blocked drains is an essential part of home maintenance. Determining how often to clean the drains depends on many factors, such as the size of your household and how much you use the drains.

Some small families may get by with “as needed” cleaning, while larger families may need to schedule professional drain maintenance more often. In general, annual maintenance is recommended. It’s a good idea to talk to your plumber about your recommended drain cleaning schedule based on your usage.

What can you do to take care of your drains after a professional cleaning

Once your drains have been professionally cleaned, you must always take proactive maintenance measures to keep clear blocked drains. You can maintain your drains by doing a few simple things.


  • Be careful what you put on the sink, toilet and shower drain.
  • Invest in a drain grate or strainer.
  • Check your sink drain plugs every few weeks for hair, soap scum, or other accumulated particles.
  • Avoid throwing over-the-counter chemical cleaners down the drain, as they can cause problems with your plumbing.
  • Run hot water down your bathroom drain weekly to get rid of buildup.

Performing these preventative maintenance steps and investing in regular drain cleaning services can help keep clear blocked drains. Failure to maintain your drains can lead to severe clogs or blockages that can damage your pipes, deteriorate water quality, and pose potential health risks. 


Clean drains are important for any home or business. The purpose of the entire drainage system is to remove the sewage effectively, but when the debris is present, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, for water to get where it needs to go.

Clean drains keep your plumbing happy and healthy. If you don’t keep clear blocked drains and are free of buildup, they will clog and clog, which means you’ll have more problems.

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