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Summary – Getting hardwood flooring Chatswood is an expensive process. Some avoidable errors such as failing to prepare the home can amplify these costs.  

When homeowners decide to hire professional providers of flooring Chatswood, they do so assuming the beauty and durability of hardwood floors will boost the valuation of their property. But, improper installation or poor maintenance can cause the project to become a disaster. After spending heavily on high-quality and expensive hardwood floors, the last thing homeowners want is silly mistakes making their flooring experience substandard. Thankfully, if homeowners prepare properly, they can easily avoid these issues and optimize their home renovations. Here’s what homeowners should not do when installing hardwood floors in their homes – 

Not Using the Correct Materials 

The aesthetic appeal of floors depends on their finish. When homeowners don’t use the right finish for their floors, the results are extremely un-aesthetic. Improper finishing materials that aren’t compatible with the hardwood floors can easily flake, causing the gleaming appearance of the floor to fade in less than a couple of months. The goal of investing in professional flooring Chatswood is to make the floors look shiny and appealing for at least half a decade. That’s why applying a finishing coat to floors without getting rid of hair, dirt, and other germs are extremely disadvantageous. This debris may get caught in the poor-quality finishing coat and ruin the floors’ aesthetic appeal. 

Similarly, homeowners must choose the most appropriate hardwood flooring materials. For instance, in high-traffic regions of their homes, they must use strong wood like maple to prevent the damages caused by day to day wear. They must use dark-coloured wood in rooms that receive plenty of sunlight and light-coloured wood in rooms that receive less light. 

Not Maintaining the Floors

Many homeowners think that after their installers of flooring Chatswood leave the premises, the floorboards will maintain themselves. Yes, they can expect their engineered hardwood flooring to stay durable for long periods. But, these floors still need proper maintenance. Daily exposure to moisture can damage even the sturdiest wooden floors. That’s why homeowners must establish strict cleaning and maintenance routines specifically for their floors. Doing so will involve – avoiding spills, instantly drying any water damage, and ensuring the humidity levels inside the home don’t increase. Regular sweeping of the floors to prevent their topcoats from getting damaged is also mandatory. 

Not Investing in the Best Installers 

The best installers of flooring Chatswood charge more. But, they also save their clients a lot of hassle by providing measured services. They constantly remeasure the floors to ensure there are no mistakes in the installation process. They offer a wide range of flooring samples so that homeowners can choose floor colours, patterns, and styles that suit their homes. Overall, they install hardwood floors that are designed to last long. 

Overlooking Gaps in Floors

Hardwood floors may expand or contract depending on the temperature and the environment. Plus, exposure to moisture causes floorboards to retract during the winter, revealing massive gaps. Top providers of flooring Chatswood ensure there’s minimal spacing between floorboards by cutting down sources of water damage and preparing the sub-floors in the best way possible.


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