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Many homeowners worldwide prefer to have wooden or timber flooring in their homes. Just because timber flooring can make any home look aesthetically good and adds elegance and warmth, it’s the popular choice over other floorings in the market. Timber flooring is very pleasing, easy to install, and has a natural wood grain pattern that gives a rich look to your interior. Timber floorboards are not only limited to be used in homes in Sydney. But this type of flooring can add grace to dance halls and auditoriums as well.

A wooden or timber floor comprises multiple layers of wood. Many interior designers prefer timber floorboards in Sydney to renovate or construct a new house. Also, if you choose timber flooring, it’s not only you who are investing here. Moreover, you are adding more value to your home for upcoming generations. Furthermore, there are a vast number of options for timber flooring. It’s important to know about the characteristics of each type of timber flooring for finalizing the best one for your home.

Different Types Of Timber Flooring:-

  • Laminate Flooring:- It’s the synthetic flooring materials that are manufactured by fusing the different layers that include an HDF core, a moisture-resistant bottom layer, and a photographic image of the real wood with a guarding overlay. Not only this flooring is highly reasonable, but also imitates the real wood look and is easy to maintain. But, laminated flooring has a limited lifespan and can swell up in moisture.
  • Solid Hardwood Flooring:- This type of timber floorboard available in Sydney is made of a single wood piece with 18 to 20 mm thickness. Solid hardwood flooring has the classic appeal that never goes out of style, is long-lasting, and can be polished and sanded anytime to restore its look. Unlike laminate flooring, this flooring is comparatively expensive and can swell up in moisture conditions, and can shrink in dry places.
  • Composite Wooden Flooring:- The composite timber floorboard is also said to be engineered wooden flooring. It’s highly durable and offers good moisture and scratch resistance. Composite wooden flooring is manufactured in a factory with chemical binders and protective surface coating. Since this flooring has a top layer of real wood veneer, it can be sanded and polished anytime to maintain its appearance.
  • Parquet Flooring:- Parquet flooring is decorative wooden or timber flooring that comes in both hardwood and engineered wood. This flooring has small strips of wood that can be used for creating floor patterns such as basketweave, herringbone, and geometric patterns for enhancing the home’s look effortlessly.
  • Bamboo Flooring:- Bamboo is considered a highly sustainable material because it grows much faster than hardwood trees. The floor planks are manufactured by compressing the bamboo fibres in high temperatures and pressure. It’s naturally resistant to moisture and has the growth of mould and mildew.

These are the few types of famous timber flooring available in the market. All of the above floorings are carried out with timber floorboards available in Sydney. If you are renovating your home or constructing a new one, you should use timber flooring to enhance the look of your home.


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