Tue, Jun 18, 2024

Australia is famed for doing things differently and is often cited for home-design success. In the past few decades, Australia has created an originally different and instantly recognisable lifestyle. The uncomplicated, undemanding, yet effortless and beautiful designs fit nicely into busy lives. The kitchen is a very prominent part of our daily life; we generally end up in the kitchen quite often for our small craving to bad starving. Kitchens are the place where family and loved ones come together over food and drink despite their tightly-packed schedules.

The ethos to be considered before executing kitchen renovations in Penrith are quality, authenticity, elegance and comfort. You should also contemplate space, budget, pattern trends etc. Uncovering the best ideas to be implemented while the kitchen makeover will make your task a little hassle-free and will persuade you to renovate your kitchen to boost comfort, style and aesthetics.

Starting with the common checklist, the Kitchen makeover in Penrith will require-

Kind of fixtures and furniture

Fixtures and furniture make a kitchen look different and unique. Although Vintage furniture is trending in Australia, its natural colours and comfy environment give it an awestruck feel.

Multi-Purpose Pantry

Pantry Customisation is a new trend nowadays; that can result in hassle-free cooking, adding space and storage, stylish and high-class-looking kitchen.

Kitchen Colours

Kitchen renovation in Penrith is incomplete without the complex decision of choosing the colour of walls, marble, Kitchen Island, lighting, flooring, furniture and cupboard.


Different kitchen styling with marble is a trend on the internet as it gives a wow effect to your kitchen. Warm-coloured marbles, green Marbles or other different coloured marbles look fantastic matched with copper and wood finishes.


Lightings are the Kitchen’s most enviable design fixtures. As we are upgrading our kitchen, lighting plays a key role; this could be a very simple part that still gives a very elegant, classy and comforting feel to the Kitchen. It provides an unexpectedly beautiful texture, adding a relaxed vibe while working in Kitchen.

Introducing you to the top Kitchen Renovation ideas in 2022

There’s a long list of kitchen styles; although depending on the most trending designs which cover all the major requirements of Aussies, we have mentioned the top demanding Kitchen designs. Also, we are talking about the renovation of the kitchen so you need to make sure of your aesthetics, comfort, style, and area and pick the style that will fit your home.

Contemporary Design

If you are looking for comfort, functionality and class, contemporary kitchen design is for you. For Kitchen makeovers, this is one of the chosen designs as it best fits the busy lifestyle of Aussies. This could be complemented with the latest appliances and technology, textured lighting, soft-finished cupboards and different storage solutions.

Modern Style

With technology, appliances, and gadget lashes, today’s Modern kitchens are fashionable, smooth finish and orderly design. Clean and effortless drawers, recessed lighting, great storage solution, Kitchen Island, pull-out pantry and bins and different styled shelves make a modern kitchen stand out of the crowd.

Country Designs

If you are thinking of kitchen renovation in Penrith and the kitchen space is a little compact and small, Country Design could be the ultimate choice. It uses high-quality craftsmanship with natural materials, i.e. avoiding all harmful materials.

Classic style Kitchen

As the name suggests, the classic kitchen style is somewhere in between traditional and modern kitchen styling. Classic Style includes stone benchtops, stone or wooden flooring, simple and neat cabinetry, kitchen islands and natural lights for a comfy atmosphere.

Hamptons Kitchen Designs

Opulent class choice holds main features such as space and light. Open space, grand ceilings, big windows, natural lights, the adorned shape of the cabinet and neutral colours work impressively for Kitchen renovations.

The style and design of the Kitchen are all a personal choice depending on the requirements, space, budgets and preferences. However, it is a complex task to choose from the wide variety of options available and to distinguish between them. Hope this article will help you in easing your work.