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Choosing the right kitchen layout is not as simple as you might think it to be. Chances are high that the lifestyle magazines offer you so many types of kitchens in Bathurst, making it pretty overwhelming for you to make the right choice. Which ones should you opt for? Once you have a quick idea regarding the best kitchen layouts, making the right choice won’t be a tough decision for you to follow. So, without wasting much time, it is time to focus on the available options, their pros and cons, features and price points before finalizing the layout as your best choice.

The one-wall kitchen plan:

If you have a smaller kitchen space and looking for the best layout, then one-wall kitchens in Bathurst will be a great action plan to follow. 

  • It is a simple layout known to be space efficient and won’t give up on the functionality.
  • The kitchens consist of cabinets, which are installed against a single wall.
  • Then you have the one-wall kitchen with upper and lower cabinets or the shelving over base cabinets.
  • The main goal is to create a clear aesthetic which will match perfectly your smaller space.
  • You can see the one-wall kitchen in 1 bedroom apartment or in a studio apartment.

The galley kitchen to try out:

In case of very economical use of the cabinets, the galley kitchens in Bathurst will have two rows of cabinets facing one another. It helps to create an inner passage or galley in between the cabinets.

  • As you are eliminating the need for any corner cupboards, this form of layout will use every millimetre of the available space without causing any wastage.
  • The uncomplicated design of the galley kitchen means fewer special gadgets are needed, which will make it cost-efficient at the same time.

L-shaped kitchen:

If you are looking for the best layout for your new and upcoming kitchens in Bathurst, then L-shaped might be the one that you have heard of the most. It is a practical layout for smaller and larger kitchens.

  • These L-shaped kitchens will have cabinets with two perpendicular walls.
  • Even though the corner necessitates cabinetry solutions to make them practical, the open design plan will offer L-shaped kitchens greater flexibility while placing appliances and work zones.
  • The L-shaped kitchens will offer the right space you want, and it is best to keep it less than 4.5m for easy usability in the end.

U-shaped kitchen:

Another exciting option associated with kitchens in Bathurst is the U-shaped kitchen. It consists of cabinetry with three adjacent walls. Such layout options will provide you with enough storage space to use all the space you want to store the items. 

The varied options:

These are some of the best options to venture into regarding kitchens. Always focus on the available layouts before you can actually make up your mind with the right decision.


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