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Commercial tea towels are cotton cloths that are used in many different industries and establishments. These towels are designed to be durable, clean, and absorbent, making them perfect for use in restaurants, hotels, and pubs where guests often require them. They are also ideal for use in health industries as dentists can use them during examinations or even in laboratories when cleaning up after experiments have been done with chemicals such as blood samples or animals, etc.

Commercial tea towels are not just ordinary tea towels that most people keep in their kitchens for cleaning and drying items. They can be used in restaurants, hotels, health institutes, beauty salons, and laboratories. In fact, commercial tea towels are made of cotton, making it comfortable to wipe hands on the surface of the towel while washing dishes or cleaning up after meals at your home or restaurant.

How Are They Made?

Commercial tea towels are mainly used as cleaning cloths by many establishments, including pubs, hotels, and restaurants. They come in a range of colours and sizes. The most common type is made from cotton or polyester, but it may also be made from hemp or bamboo fibres.

They often have a high thread count to ensure the towels do not tear when put through industrial washing machines with high temperatures. A higher thread count means more threads per inch, which makes it easier for them to withstand the heat of your industrial washing machine.

So what’s 400gsm? 400gsm is the industry standard for towel strength and durability; this makes them strong enough to withstand even the hardest commercial washings without breaking down or losing shape/size.

Who Uses Them?

Commercial tea towels are often designated for use by an individual employee within a business who has been trained on how to use them properly for their particular job role; however, this is not always the case!

They are also well suited for use in the health industry as they are used in examination rooms to clean instruments and in dentists’ offices to wipe equipment.

Healthcare professionals can use tea towels at home because they’re easily washed and dried with a machine or hand-wash.
Commercial tea towels can also be used in places such as beauty salons, laboratories, and the food industry. Keeping your hands clean when working with hair and make-up products is important in the beauty industry. Tea towels are ideal for this purpose because they are strong enough to handle heavy-duty cleaning jobs without tearing or falling apart.

Another area where tea towels come into their own is in the food industry, where they replace paper napkins in restaurants, cafes, and coffee shops across Australia. Tea towel rolls are used by chefs when cooking so that there is no waste from tearing off individual pieces of paper napkins before serving customers their meal or drinks at an establishment like a cafe or pub, or even an airport lounge.


There are a variety of tea towels available on the market, each with varying levels of absorbency. Some may be made with 80% cotton and 20% polyester, while others may be 100% cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre, while polyester is synthetic; however, this does not mean that they can’t be used together to make a towel that is both durable and soft at the same time.

It’s worth noting that some brands use an 80/20 blend for their towels, so you won’t know what kind of fibre was used unless you check online before purchasing one! If you’re looking for something more eco-friendly than paper towels, consider using recycled materials such as bamboo instead!


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