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If you want to attain a more sophisticated look for your kitchen, it’s prudent to invest in custom flat pack cabinets in your kitchen. They are, perhaps, the most sensible and best way to go. Think about the vintage shaker style closures and doors, with that dusty, rough hue in place of the bland and plain white door.

It adds to the kitchen’s appeal and retains the timeless and classic look simultaneously. 

The custom-made cabinets can blend beautifully with numerous shades for elevating the overall look of the kitchen. It makes the taps and door handle look like ornaments of the kitchen. The backdrop is unique. Consider adding a wooden benchtop to infuse more warmth and harmony to a welcoming kitchen.

Get the best look

If you’re buying a flat pack kitchen, just ensure that you go for custom flat pack cabinets with panelled edges and facings. You call them wainscoting. This type of cabinetry provides a framed appearance to the drawers and doors. The panels add immense beauty and weight to otherwise simple cabinetry.

  • You can consider different brass accents that perfectly complement the tonality of the cabinets.
  • In addition to the warm tone, the accents provide a heritage and timeless feel. Make sure you choose cup-up handles and crosshead mixer and goosenecks to add a chic yet classic look.
  • You can use classic tiles on the marble floor as finishing on the custom-made cabinets. The tiles have an earthy colour as they use timber. It has immense warmth and is ideal for dining furniture.

Building a custom base

For custom-made flat pack cabinets, you need to first build a custom based. You can also use the old, tired plywood cabinetry to create a strong wooden base. It ensures a very smooth installation of the cabinets. This process eliminates any possibility of toe-kicks, regardless of you using 200-220 mm screws.

  • Although it might turn out to be a little expensive affair, it’s still a very prudent and worthy investment. It gives a floating look to the entire cabinetry. Talk about the futuristic style of kitchen cabinetry, and you can have it with custom-made flat pack cabinets. You can find other options in this regard. You can float the cabinetry on its legs and support bars. 
  • It does have an extra benefit because it allows the light to slope underneath the cabinet. It can also bounce back. This type of custom cabinets can elevate the most prosaic and ornate flat packs to another level.

Are you game for augmentations?

If you have budgetary constraints and cannot invest lots of money in kitchen cabinetry, you can always augment the overall look by including free-standing furniture or pieces on the kitchen room/island. 

If you already have such furniture, you can extensively use it with creative ideas. It’s up to you how you want to adorn your custom flat pack cabinets. Just ensure that you don’t purchase any appliances from the average hardware store, as they have poor edges and finishing. Your project needs proper budgeting to accommodate the right things. 


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