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Nowadays, you will come across headstones or tombstones of different sizes, shapes and materials everywhere. All these were chosen to remember the deceased person while looking lasting and nice for more than a lifetime. Some of you are even interested in choosing unique tombstone designs, and that’s why you have moved towards various special companies, offering some delightful results.

But, the main question here is what tombstone type you should order for your beloved, which can withstand the test of time. If you are looking for the longest-lasting headstone, then a flat quartzite headstone with laser engraving is the one to watch out for. This particular product can last for centuries if the weather is the sole factor behind degradation. Quartzite is always noted to be hard material designed to withstand almost all kinds of climates. To match with its quality, laser-etched engraving will last as long as the headstone itself.

Other options to suit your needs:

Searching the vast world of the internet will let you come across multiple options that will suit your needs better than the quartzite option. It solely depends on what you are actually looking for and your residing area. It takes time to choose the best tombstone, but you should not give up easily on that.

The upkeep and location of the cemetery:

Before you start worrying about other details and unique tombstone designs, you first have to choose where the tombstone will be placed. This decision can either be made by you or the deceased person when he or she was alive. Some people might prefer a particular cemetery and want their loved ones to choose the same when the time comes.

  • The cemeteries, mainly the religious ones, will have a new set of guidelines and rules to follow. Some cemeteries in particular states or cities will allow some types of colours, tones and finishes.
  • There are times when you will not be able to have a quartzite headstone or even a polished finish. During that instance, you have to follow the laws of the cemetery as there is no other option left. 
  • Some cemeteries follow the letter of the law, and some of them are more unscrupulous. Be sure to check with the local regulations and laws before the final call. For that, don’t forget to check the official websites of cemeteries and get details handy.

Sometimes, people don’t think that the longevity of the headstone is upkeep. Will you be taking care of the tombstone, or will the members of the cemetery do it for you? With multiple finishes on stone, there can be a huge difference in the maintenance scale. 

Weather matters a lot:

The weather in various areas will affect headstones easily. Some of the things like the level of acidity in rain or salt from roads that come in direct contact with the headstone will define the longevity of the tombstones. So, ask the cemetery owner for these points before you start with the rest of the procedure. You must research thoroughly on your own to gain some response as well. 


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