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It’s time for you to choose new turf, whether for your home or commercial property. Before you go ahead with turf laying western Sydney, it is necessary to consider the reasons for replacing the old grass. Make sure that the new grass you choose complies with the architectural design of your home and blends with the surroundings. 

For turf laying western Sydney, you need to keep the following in mind for turf laying western Sydney when choosing the experts.

  • Watering The Grass

If you are a victim of a time crunch but willing to plant new and fresh turf, it is necessary to keep in mind that newly laid grass requires constant watering. The experts recommend watering the turf for at least two to three hours each day. 

However, you need to consult with the experts to determine how much water the turf may require. Based on your time, you need to choose a variety of turf that can retain moisture naturally and reduce the frequency of watering. 

  • Tolerating Drought

The more water the grass needs, the higher is the water bill. If you are trying to replace the lawn with a variety that requires less water, you need to invest in drought-tolerating grass. You need to find out a variety of grass that suits the local climate and requires the least water to survive. 

  • Understanding The Soil Type

When it comes to assessing the soil type for turf laying western Sydney, you have to understand what kind of grass is best suited for the soil. Based on your area’s climate, the soil must allow the water to reach deep down into the roots and provide them with the necessary oxygen, nutrients, and moisture needed for survival. 

  • Tolerating Heat

One of the significant factors you need to assess is whether the grass you are planning to buy can tolerate heat during the summer. Remember that not all grasses may thrive well in heat, so try to choose the species that may withstand high temperatures. Before going for turf laying western Sydney, you need to find out the temperature that is best suited for tolerating heat.

  • Sun And Shade

Before investing in fresh and new turf, you need to analyze the amount of sun your lawn receives. When a substantial portion of the lawn receives little of the sun’s rays due to the shading trees, you need to invest in a variety that may tolerate shade. Be sure to look through the options available when buying grass based on the availability of sunlight and shade. 

  • Maintenance Of The Lawn

Another factor you need to consider is the maintenance of the lawn. Try to assess the amount of time, resources, money and energy to devote to lawn maintenance. Remember that certain varieties of turf are high on maintenance, so you need to do everything to keep the lawn up to date. 

When it comes to turf laying western Sydney, the factors you need to consider many factors, make sure you invest in high-quality grass and get the best-looking lawn for your home. 


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