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Summary – The practice of installing freestanding corner bathtubs in the bathroom isn’t new – it’s simply back on the trending list at the moment. Here’s why these bathtubs are so great. 

Most homeowners that use freestanding corner bathtub do so because it allows them to fit their bathtubs in tight spaces. Instead of going for a normal fixed rectangular bathtub, opting for these bathtubs also gives homeowners a lot of design options. They’re typically triangular-shaped. But, they’re currently available in a wide range of shapes/sizes. Since they fit into corners perfectly, they’re ideal for homeowners who want more floor spaces in their bathrooms. Built-in bathtubs don’t offer this convenience to homeowners.

Make the Most of the Bathroom Space

No matter how many mirrors with LED lights homeowners add to their small bathrooms, built-in bathtubs always take up 40-60% of space. There’s no getting around these space-consuming bathtubs. A freestanding corner bathtub, on the other hand, can fit into tiny spaces and still deliver amazing bathing experiences. These bathtubs come in all sizes. The manufacturers can even customize these bathtubs so that they fit perfectly inside the bathroom. Freestanding tubs are extremely space-economical. They offer homeowners ample bathing space. People who own small bathrooms will love shopping for these compact and unique bathtubs. They can be installed as per the homeowner’s demands. 

Design Options

The popularity of freestanding corner bathtub is largely down to the number of design options currently available in the market. With more and more people renting small spaces instead of buying large homes, the demand for freestanding bathtubs has rocketed in the past few years. Manufacturers, realizing this demand, have started investing heavily into creating unique and stylish freestanding bathtubs. Nowadays, the market is full of exciting freestanding bathtubs. They come in rectangular, circular, triangular, and plenty of other shapes. More importantly, manufacturers now offer customized freestanding bathtubs to suit the homeowners’ bathroom size-related requirements. 

Elegant Appeal 

Modern-day freestanding corner bathtubs are made of pure white acrylic. This material gives these bathtubs an elegant design. However, homeowners won’t have to sacrifice functionality for aesthetics as most of these bathtubs also come with adjustable legs. Yes, they may have to pay extra for tapware and pipes. But, the cost of installing these unique bathtubs is far less than creating a built-in bathtub. Corner bathtubs also allow homeowners enough space to add other elegant-looking fixtures to their bathrooms. 

Homeowners have the Choice

There are perhaps one or two design choices when people go for built-in bathtubs. These tubs only look as stylish as the bathroom. A freestanding corner bathtub, on the other hand, can elevate a bathroom’s aesthetic appeal. Homeowners can even choose kid-friendly or senior citizen-friendly freestanding bathtubs. Compared to built-in bathtubs, freestanding tubs are far more user-friendly.


Despite the fact that homeowners have to shell out plumbing costs, getting a freestanding corner bathtub is still less expensive than built-in bathtubs. Built-in bathtubs require extensive plumbing work. Plumbers have to seal, mount, and create surrounding structures to incorporate these bathtubs into a bathroom. With freestanding tubs, there are no such hassles. In the end, the homeowner’s personal preference should dictate the choice between freestanding or built-in bathtubs. But, the countless benefits that freestanding bathtubs offer are too hard to avoid! 


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