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One of the most common laundry solutions is chlorine bleach. Most of the time, it is used to bleach and clean clothes. Laundry chlorine bleach also kills germs and removes bad smells in the washer. Even though chlorine has many good points, there are still many safety measures to keep in mind if you want your laundry to come out the best it can.

Sodium hypochlorite and water make up laundry chlorine bleach, which is used to clean. When used for laundry, it can be very good at removing stains and cleaning clothes because it kills bacteria and viruses that are usually on clothes. However, even if it has a small amount of sodium hypochlorite, it can still damage a piece of clothing. Because of this, chlorine must be watered down before it can be used on fabrics.

If you want to know how to use laundry chlorine bleach, here are six tips:

Test the Fabric Before Bleaching

Before using laundry chlorine bleach on your clothes, you should see how the fabric reacts. Try mixing a teaspoon of bleach with warm water and testing it on the clothes’ hidden parts, like the inside of a pocket. Let it dry, and look to see if the colour has changed. If the colour changes a lot, the fabric is not colourfast, and you shouldn’t use chlorine on that piece of clothing.

This tip is essential for clothes made of polyester and other artificial fibres. Chlorine can make these fabrics look yellow because it tends to corrode the thread and make the centre of the fabric yellow.

Never Mix Bleaches

Colour-safe bleach and oxygen bleach are different from chlorine bleach. Mixing them together can cause a chemical reaction that is bad for your clothes and maybe even for you. The main thing that worries us about mixing chlorine and oxygen bleach is that it can lead to toxic reactions like chloramine vapours, which can cause lung diseases or even death.


If you know how to do laundry with chlorine bleach, you already know that you should never put laundry chlorine bleach directly on a piece of clothing. This is because chlorine can weaken the clothes’ fibres, eat holes in them, and change their colours. Knowing how to mix chlorine bleach with water is essential to make it less harmful to your clothes.

Make the Water Temperature Hot

If you don’t like the results of laundry chlorine bleach, you can change the temperature of the water to make it hotter. Even though it can still be used in cold or warm water, chlorine bleach works best in hot water.

Keep It Fresh

When you use chlorine bleach on your laundry, you should always keep in mind that it is sensitive to light and temperatures that are too high or too low. Too much heat, so keeping it at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit can damage the stability of chlorine bleach.

Also, keep in mind that it will probably lose its effectiveness if you do not use laundry chlorine bleach for more than six months. You do not have to worry about dangerous chemical reactions happening because all it will do is lose its ability to clean and disinfect.


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