Tue, Jun 18, 2024

Do you know that the fabric you choose for the sofa can change the entire vibe of your living area? Yes, it is right. Suppose you have gone for monochromatic decorations; you have a solid colour like beige for your wall. A bright yellow or turquoise sofa fabric can give an elegant look. So, communicate with the retail manager while shopping in Furniture Store Merrylands to select the best fabrics and cairns to your preferences.

It is true that fabric quality also decides the comfort level. Natural fabrics like cotton linen are summer-friendly. Synthetic fabrics are not eco-friendly. So, think wisely. We are here to help you with the best guidance. 

Options you get

Let’s see what the options for fabrics available in the market are. 

Natural fabric: these fabrics are not widely available. It directly provides for plants or animal parts. As these are breathable, Furniture Store Merrylands recommends natural fabrics for sensitive skin customers. You will find multiple options in natural fabrics as well.

  • The widely used natural fabric is cotton. It is amongst the cheapest materials as well. Although this fabric can fade over time, it is susceptible to stains. So, new parents can choose this option for a clean living room ambience.
  • Furniture Store Merrylands has been recommending linen in recent days. It wrinkles easily. It is best suited for furniture in adult rooms. It shrinks after washing, so you have to maintain it properly. 
  • Leather: it is amongst the most durable fabrics for your sofa. You will find multiple options in Furniture Store Merrylands. A rich vintage look can only be expected for his natural fabrics. 

Synthetic fabrics: another option you can surely go for is synthetic fibres. This is artificially made to provide superior durability at affordable rates. But, these fabrics use chemicals that can cause allergic reactions to sensitive skin. 

  • Olefin: it is a recyclable synthetic fabrics option. It is durable and can be cleaned very easily. 
  • Polyester: This synthetic fabric is mostly recommended by Furniture Store Merrylands. You will find these fabrics at any store. The best thing is that the fabric retains the colour longer. 
  • Nylon: nylon is the rarely used synthetic fabric for your furniture. If you want to laminate the chenille fabrics, napping ion velvet, you can only choose this option for furniture. 

Factors to consider

Now, you have to finalize your mind to choose the fabrics for furniture very carefully. But, there are certain elements that are also essential for making the right decisions. 

  • First is the durability of the fabrics. Yes, you have to think about how much wear mad tear of your sofa has to suffer. The purpose will also interlink with durability. Luxurious linen fabrics are good for the living room but go for a more durable one if you have children.
  • The second thing you have to think about is the patterns or the colours. If you want an old gothic style, leather fabrics with wooden furniture will be best. But, for a boho aesthetic look, Furniture Store Merrylands will surely recommend printed or solid colour fabrics.

You cannot upholster the furniture every year. So, remember the above points to put the best inputs in your indoor decorations.