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Marble has always topped the list when choosing tiles for floors. It is one of the most revered materials for homes and commercial establishments. However when it comes to buying marble stones, you have to come across a wide range of options. How to determine which variety of marble stone suits you the most?  

Calacatta marble: thing to know

The Calacatta marble stone attracts the attention of people due to its weird naming. Compared to various other varieties of marble stones available in the market, the Calacatta marble slab is rare to find. Usually, the slabs of this variety come with thicker and dominant patterns. The veining of this marble looks more spectacular in stones due to brown hues. Here are the types of slabs to get when buying Calacatta marble.

  • The Calacatta Oro is a unique material known for its natural shiny look with gold veins.
  • Calacatta gold does not have gold veins as opposed to the name and is more expensive due to its unavailability. It is a rare piece of Calacatta marble slab with complicated veining, so using it in bathrooms and kitchens can bring about the best look.
  • Calacatta Extra comes in large patterns and you may often find paisley or tiger-stripe designs. Choosing this stone for benchtops allows you to install a sturdy option although the look unravels more with polishing. 
  • Calacatta Michelangelo comes with a glittering shine and sophisticated veining in blue or grey. 
  • Calacatta Borghini is a colorful white marble with gold and blue veins and a popular choice for high-end boutiques and hotels.

Tips to choose

When it comes to choosing Calacatta marble slab for floors, walls, bathroom, or kitchen, you need to make the process more involved. Typically, the Calacatta slabs are highly detailed, so the choice is largely personal. You may prefer a bold or sophisticated look but try to get as much information as possible before choosing the slab. For instance, you must try to check the quality of slabs and check different variants before solidifying your decision. Here is what you need to know.

  • You can visit a warehouse for buying Calacatta marble slabs but most of the time they are stacked against each other, which makes it increasingly difficult to choose the variations of colors and veins. 
  • The best way of buying this marble slab is through photographs sought through suppliers before making the final decision.
  • With video of slabs, you can explore the material up and close before making your mind.
  • Try to find out from the supplier whether the Calacatta marble slab you buy has issues, such as tears, cracks, or holes. 
  • It is necessary to ensure that the slabs you get from the supplier do not vary as far as the design and veining pattern is concerned,

Similar to buying other marble slabs, the process of buying Calacatta tiles is more complex as it is rarely available. Therefore, experts recommend you to explore the other variations in terms of background colors and veins. Once you do your homework, it is easy to make an informed decision about the quality of the Calacatta marble slab you want to buy. 


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