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Say goodbye to tobacco and hello to vaping with a vape starter kit in Australia. Whether you’re a first-time vaper or an old hand looking for something more convenient, e-cigs are the right choice. A vape kit comes in many forms, but they all have one common denominator: they’re all designed to get you started with vaping as quickly as possible. However, not every vape starter kit is created equal; some are better suited as a foundation from which you can grow. Such is the case with our top pick for the best new gear in Australia:

What You’ll Need to Know Before Buying a Vape Starter Kit

  • Atomizer – The atomizer is what vaporizes the liquid and turns it into vapour. These are usually silica or ceramic, which is why they produce flavorful vapour. Some models will also use coils made of stainless steel or titanium. Coils allow you to adjust the resistance of your atomizer to change the flavour of your vaping experience. 
  • Battery – A battery is the power source of your e-cig. The battery size will usually dictate the size of your kit, but you’ll also find kits with a small battery capacity. 
  • Tank – The tank is where you place your e-liquid. You can find several variations on the tank, including glass, plastic and pyrex. Pyrex tanks are great for wicking because they don’t let any liquid touch the atomizer. 
  • Charger – A vape starter kit should come with a battery and a tank, but some also come with a charger. Charging should last around three to five hours, depending on your chosen wattage.

Our Top Pick – Smok Nord 4 Pod Kit

SMOK is a well-known e-cig brand that makes great vape kits. The Smok Nord 4 Pod Kit is the best vape starter kit for new vapers because it comes with everything you need to get started. Included in the kit are the Smok Nord 4 device, 4.5ml Nord 4 RPM 2 Pod (0.16ohm Coil), 4.5ml Nord 4 RPM Pod (0.4ohm Coil) and Type-C Cable. It is powered by a 2000mah battery and boasts an output of 5W-80W power. Two air-inlet rings are smartly placed on the top of the device to allow for free air intake adjustment.

Best Value Vape Kit – Geek Vape B60 (Aegis Boost 2) Pod Kit

If you’re looking for a vape kit that will offer you a healthy dose of value for your money, the Geek Vape B60 (Aegis Boost 2) Pod Kit is the way to go. This vape kit comes with a 5 ml pod-based e-cig. The B60 Pod is powered by a single 2000mAh battery and 0.96 inches LED Curved Display. Also, B60 is IP68 Rated, so you can use it carefree. It allows for direct mouth-to-lung vaping and has a refillable pod design. The tank comes with a dropper top that makes refilling the pod easy.

Bottom Line

The good news is that vape starter kits in Australia are becoming more accessible to consumers. Whether you’re a new vaper or an experienced vaper who just wants to save time, there are many great kits. Many are inexpensive and portable, making them the perfect vaping companions for any time of the day.


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