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Let’s just be honest for one time! No matter how old you are, some of you still love the feeling of cuddling a jumbo teddy bear. Taking him to sleep with you and tucking him under your blanket gives you a sense of satisfaction, which is hard to explain in words. Did you know that scientists have stated that the calmness that a teddy bear presents is hard to beat even with calming pills? It is a natural way to relax your mind and keep anxiety at bay!

You have probably seen people holding teddy bears tightly when they are nervous or anxious. Have you ever wondered why? The feeling of touching something soft and warm will add a sense of relief to a nervous mind. It is one way to calm the nerves and relax muscles in every individual, especially if you have a soft corner for these toys.

Enjoy a satisfying sleep at night:

Well, you will be surprised to know that around 44% of adults have held onto their childhood jumbo teddy bear even to this date. As many as 34% of adults still sleep with their toys!

  • You might not know this but teddy bears provide that emotional comfort and security that helps reduce negative feelings like anxiety and loneliness.
  • As a child or even as an adult, getting hands on a cuddly toy to snuggle is a natural part of many nighttime routines. There has been a proven link between emotional comfort and the feeling of calm.
  • With a good night’s sleep with the teddy bear around, you will enjoy a morning with complete rest and energized body and mind.
  • As stress and sleep do not mix well, if you are feeling stressed out lately, bring out your teddy bear and it’s time for some cuddly sleep.

Improving your self-esteem and confidence:

Well, you must know that a jumbo teddy bear is a timeless and traditional toy and is mostly given as a keepsake to a little one. People usually see them as one major part of growing up as it provides much-needed companionship and comfort. It is a friend that your kids can talk to. Some kids are highly benefitted from the positive aspects of a comforting bear squeeze!

  • Some of the studies made online, prove that even touching an inanimate object like a teddy bear can soothe existential gears or ease out low self-esteem.
  • No matter whatever age group you belong to, comforting objects like a jumbo teddy bear will remind you of your home, and some of the heartwarming memories!
  • That’s why you will see many youngsters carrying their teddy bears around with them, even when they move to hostel life. it gives them a sense of warmth they usually receive from their loved and near ones.

Perfect for stimulating imagination:

It won’t be of any harm if you forget the hustle and bustle of real-life struggle and get back to your old days as a kid for a while! When you are sick and tired of office politics or the class clashes, you just want to get rid of everything and hide under your blanket. Well, if you have your old jumbo teddy bear with you that will soothe not just your mind but your soul to a great extent.

Now you know why gifting someone with a teddy bear is a good idea, irrespective of age! You are not just presenting a toy, but a tool to devise calmness and soothe nervous souls. 


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