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Windows are an integral and crucial element of building architecture. Whether it be futuristic glass buildings, villas or traditional buildings, windows are the attention grabbers in any structural design. When we talk about hotels and resorts, the size, design, and coverings of the windows can make you love or hate them. Hotel industry experts are well aware of this fact and they make sure to impress you with their choice of window shades.

Most popular window shade types for hotels

  • Standard window blinds: One of the commonest options to cover the windows is to install regular window blinds on them. They might appear commonplace, but, offer a lot of options especially in terms of material choices such as wood, PVC, fabric, metal or faux wood, etc. You can choose the colour or texture to meet the hotel’s theme colours or the interior designs of the specific suite. They can be easily operated by pulling a controlling cord.
  • Roller blinds: These are quite popular as window shade options for hotels. There are several types of window roller blinds that can be used as per the requirement. For instance, there are designer roller blinds available for luxury hotel rooms which add to the opulence, and in hotels located in warmer climates, blackout roller blinds can be used to keep the sun out and interiors cool and comfortable for the guests. They also serve the large size windows well.
  • Venetian blinds: These are the quintessential good looking window blinds. These highly stylish blinds comprise parallel slats of wood, PVC, or metal as well. They offer great light control and viewing options. Some of the most reputed blind makers offer Venetian blinds in fabric and precious metals as well. They are very pleasing to the eye and nowadays, it is becoming common for top hotels to install remote-controlled Venetian blinds in their rooms.
  • Vertical window blinds: Vertical window blinds are synonymous with upmarket office complexes and luxury hotel rooms. They are extremely elegant and offer a far superior viewing experience due to their vertical slats. This also makes it easier to clean them as the vertical slats don’t let dirt and grime accumulate on them, making them a better choice for hotels. They are ideal for floor-to-ceiling windows which are again a common feature of hotels.

You can easily surf all these window shade options online here and revamp your hotel appearance as per your preference and budget with ease!


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