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Selecting the ideal design for bathroom tapware may not be as simple a task as it seems at first glance. The infinity of tapware models on the market today generates a series of doubts about the correct specification of this project item, even for professionals in the area. With that in mind, we have prepared a small guide with the main points of attention to decide which is the best bathroom tapware in Sydney.

What is the best bathroom tapware? 4 most common types:

First, you must decide the best place to install the tapware, which can be on the wall, on the countertop or even on the floor or ceiling. Each of these possibilities has advantages and disadvantages, as we will see below. 

Bench or table tapware:

Countertop or table tapware is the most traditional and most used faucet on the market. When the model has a table, these faucets can be installed directly on the countertop or on the tub itself.

Wall faucet:

Faucets installed on the wall are widely used in sinks with greater height, such as support vats. Wall faucets are a good option for small bathrooms as they optimise counter space.  An important tip is always to check on the packaging if the chosen Bathroom tapware Sydney is suitable for installation on the wall or countertop.

Floor faucet:

The use of this type of tapware also requires more specific hydraulic installation, in which the water points must be located on the floor. Attention should also be paid to the choice of the basin, as floor faucets require unique models of washbasin. 

Ceiling faucet:

Like the floor faucets, the ceiling faucets have a bold design and are widely used in projects seeking more creative and original solutions.  The same way as the floor faucets, the ceiling faucets also require a special hydraulic installation condition, as the faucet is fixed to the ceiling or ceiling.

Ergonomically, floor or ceiling faucets are less recommended for everyday bathrooms, where tasks such as washing the face, shaving, among others will be performed.

Ergonomic dimensions:

A key issue when choosing a Bathroom tapware available in Sydney is to consider ergonomic dimensions for the faucet and bowl set. It is critical to have enough space for hands and movement towards soap and registration.

In this way, the size of the faucet must be proportional to the size of the tub or washbasin. The height of the faucet must be proportional to the height of the bowl, respecting a distance of 10 to 15 cm between the faucet nozzle and the edge of the bowl.

Maintenance and warranty:

Paying attention to maintenance and factory warranty issues are essential precautions to consider when choosing the best bathroom faucet. Give preference to trusted brands in the market with technical assistance, thus avoiding future inconveniences. More than aesthetics, care must also be taken for the quality of the product and its components since they are parts that will be used with intense frequency.

Now that you’ve learned how to choose the best Bathroom tapware in Sydney, hurry up and order your favourite bathroom tapware.


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