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In this article let us discuss some basic information about timber flooring in Taren Point. If you are planning to buy a timber floor and if you have some doubt related to it then this article will be very helpful. 

  • Most people doubt whether timber flooring in Taren Point can be installed on the concrete base. Yes, timber floors can be installed on the concrete base but there are certain conditions for this installation method. Moisture content must be checked before installing timber flooring on the concrete base. If there is more moisture content on the concrete then you must use an appropriate barrier for the installation process. For checking the moisture content you can use hygrometer if it is not available then you can manual plastic sheet method for finding the moisture level. The moisture content must be less than 2/4%. 200-micron plastic is used as the moisture barrier on the concrete floor. It must be a minimum of 300 mm of thickness. 
  • The timber flooring in Taren Point can be laid even on all types of surfaces. The surface must be clean, dry and level but ensure that you are using good quality timber for flooring. 
  • Timber flooring can be even installed in the non-perfect subfloor also. If the spot or hole is bigger than 3mm then do not use that surface as the subfloor. Nails on the subfloor must be removed for a perfect finish. You can also use levelling compounds like cement to level the subfloor. Mix cement and water at the correct proportion and apply it on the low-level surface to level the total subfloor. 
  • Before installing the timber floor you can also do underfloor heating. This process will not affect the quality of the timber flooring.
  • The timber floor can be installed in the kitchen area also but you must place a rug or area mat near the sink area. You must careful during loading and unloading of dishwashers. 
  • If there is damage in the timber floor you can remove the particular timber floor and replace that with a new timber board. In case of scratches, you can match it with a marker pen and fill the holes using proper timber filling. 
  • Single strip timber floors are more superior when compared with the two strip timber floor and three-strip timber floors. The single strip timber floors are made from single timber but the two and three-strip timber floors are made up of small piece timbers. The two and three-strip timber floors will not have authentic look like a single strip timber floor. The cost of the single strip timber floors is little more when compared with the two and three-strip timber floors. 

Underlay is used for levelling the uneven subfloor. Underlay will also reduce the noise effect or drumming sound of the foot traffic. If you are using the gluing method for installing the timber floor then there is no need for underlay because the glue used for fixing the timber like polyurethane will level the subfloor area.


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