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Solid Timber

Timber is one of the most precious natural gifts in the world. When you utter the word “timber,” the thought of trees would strike most people. True, timber is directly coming from a forest of trees for example. Let us be clear about other related terms like deforestation and afforestation. Conversely, not all types of timber are coming through deforestation which is unlawful by all means. Factually speaking, certain trees are deserving to be cut for good use due to their growth and age.

On the other hand, afforestation is something that should be encouraged on a larger scale. Moreover, afforestation activities have been going on all over the world. Speaking of types of wood, solid timber is nothing but the natural form of wood just cut from the trees. Therefore, solid timber furniture never loses its sheen and is always in its original form. Let us decode some more details of wood and solid timber furniture as follows:

  • Most of the time, wood is in its natural form as it is just coming from natural forest areas.
  • Talking of characteristics, features of wood like colour, texture, odour and lustre are always natural and high-quality.
  • Wood is flexible by nature. So is solid timber. There have been various features in common. Toughness and durability are all some of them in common with standard wood and solid timber for example.

All these good features are testimony to the undisputed fact that solid timber furniture has been in great demand for various applications among homemakers and businessmen alike.

Great Benefits & Features Of Solid Timber Furniture

Interestingly enough, factors like population growth and rigorous industrial activities worldwide have long been spurring the demand for natural materials like solid timber. Here you can find some of the most interesting features and benefits of solid timber as described below:

  • It is garden-fresh: As a recap or as a matter of fact, solid timber is nothing but natural wood cut from forests. In timber yards, small logs of wood are being cut from such natural wood. Accordingly, those logs are being used to make furniture like solid timber furniture. 
  • Easy to maintain: It is so effortless to maintain your solid timber furniture. First up, solid timber is resistant to the effects of moisture and scratch. Even then, all you can do is clean up solid timber furniture using a damp piece of cloth. Also, techniques like sanding and polishing are useful to make your wood strong and shining. 
  • Strong & durable: Solid timber is so strong by nature. Plus, it is incredibly durable. With these features like durability and strength, solid timber furniture has always been a pride of place for most homemakers like you. 
  • Aesthetic appearance: No one can hate the natural colours or appearance. Solid timber is something full of natural features. For example, it always appears in golden brown which is not only stunning but also appealing to your eyes. 

Pitching For Solid Timber Furniture

The fact is that timber and wood have long been part and parcel of human life since time immemorial. Wood materials like solid timber furniture have been able to fulfil all the domestic and industrial needs through their great features like aesthetic appearance, durability and strength.


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