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A fire outbreak can cause property damage and more so precious loss of lives. To stay safe from small fire incidents or prevent the flames from causing more damage, you must arrange for heat resistant materials at home and in the workplace.  Among the materials that help in extinguishing fire when it is still at a nascent stage, a fire blanket is a prominent thing to consider. It is one of the widely used materials available for extinguishing the flame. All you need to do is place it just above the fire to destroy the flames. 

What are the major benefits of a fire blanket extinguisher? Here are a few points to consider.

  • Helps in saving lives :

The fire blanket plays a vital role in saving the lives of people. When someone catches fire, you can throw the blanket over or wrap it around them to extinguish the flames quickly. The blanket needs to cover the area that has caught fire to allow the flames to die down quickly. However, it is more useful for destroying flames of slammer range and not appropriate for controlling a big outbreak. 

  • Controlling electric fire :

A fire blanket is a highly effective heat resistant material that helps in destroying electric fires. In cases, where you may not have access to fire extinguishers, throwing the blanket over the flames can help. Placing the woolen blanket over the fire cuts off the supply of oxygen and controls the flame. 

However, you need to buy a large fire blanket to cover a big surface area in which you store them. Besides, you may also want to have several fire blankets around the site where you want safety from a fire outbreak. Finally, the people using fire blankets need to get training on how to use the material comfortably. 

  • Effective for outdoor fire :

The fire blanket extinguisher is also effective for outdoor fire outbreaks. Usually, the outdoor fires get out of control faster due to an increased amount of oxygen supply, especially if wind blows very hard. Therefore, you need to act fast when extinguishing an outdoor fire flame. Fire blankets are safe for outdoor use as well. If you put the blanket over the area of fire, it extinguishes with ease and the supply of oxygen can be removed immediately. 

  • Grease and kitchen fire :

Your kitchen is susceptible to grease fires and a fire blanket extinguisher is one of the most effective materials that allow you to douse the fire easily. Make sure your kitchen has enough blankets to cover a large area of grease fire. Apart from this you need to store the blankets in places that are easily accessible but do not place them over cooking stoves or grills as a grill or stove when catch fire may make it hard for you to avoid getting burned when removing the blanket.

  • Useful for protecting children :

If a fire breaks out in the room of your kids, you can wrap them with a fire blanket extinguisher and provide protection from flames. You can get special fire blankets in stores for children. On the whole, fire blankets are useful for extinguishing fire before it goes out of control as it cuts the supply of oxygen readily. 


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