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Cuisine is one of the most exciting ways of sharing love, and many of us love our food. One of the most loved cuisines globally is Lebanese, as it offers both healthy and tasty food with a variety of vegetables and meats. 

In many parts of Australia, you will find different Lebanese restaurants serving charcoal chicken and many other delicacies from Lebanon. If you’re wondering how and why this love for Lebanese food is spreading all over the country, here are a few reasons for the magical spell cast by Lebanese food, 

1. It’s Healthy: 

Lebanese cuisine has always used fresh local ingredients, confirming that you get the highest nutritive advantages from every bite. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and proteins build the foundations of conventional Lebanese food, decorated by an array of fresh spices.

Lebanese cooking is all about utilising olive oil instead of butter or fats, lowering cholesterol intake. They also favour charcoal chicken, brown rice or lentils over other starches like heavy potatoes, noodles or white bread. Ultimately, chickpea is a hero in Lebanese cuisine (think falafel and hummus) and is adored for its fantastic health benefits. It is pure, natural cuisine.

2. It’s Delicious: 

All of these fresh, healthy components are in no way bland either. Although relatively uncomplicated and grassroots in nature, Lebanese cuisine is exceptionally lip-smacking. The heart of flavour in Lebanese food is the perfect blend of spices. The spices utilised in traditional Lebanese cuisine make it genuinely irresistible – from the well-rounded tastes to the freshness of mint and the sweetness of cardamom.

Their spices play a critical role in making that authentic Lebanese taste. Add this to a cascade of core ingredients like charcoal chicken, chickpeas, lamb, fresh veggies, grilled cheeses and fried sujuk, and you have tasty food.

3. Includes Everyone: 

Lebanese food doesn’t contemplate when it comes to preferring meat or veggies, and it hits a perfect harmony between the two. There is a wide variety of vegetarian and vegan alternatives in Lebanese cuisine, which you will find at any Lebanese restaurant, that can be eaten alone or with some delicious meats on the side. Hummus, falafel, tabbouleh and pumpkin kibbeh are just a few of the delicious vegetarian dishes synonymous with Lebanese culture.

These are a few traits that make Lebanese cuisine a favourite amongst many. These dishes are inclusive when it comes to different types of diets. 

To conclude, be it your love for charcoal chicken or chickpeas, selecting a Lebanese restaurant will be the most beneficial option. It will allow you to devour the tasty delicacies without worrying about the diet or feeling guilty over a cheat day. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, Lebanese delicacies are a match made in heaven for you, allowing you to enjoy a variety of vegan and vegetarian alternatives in the most delicious way. The balance of fresh vegetables and local meat will let you get the balanced diet everyone needs. Apart from being tasty, this cuisine will offer you health and nutritional benefits. 


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