Thu, Apr 25, 2024

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, the rapid antigen test has become immensely popular. It is a test that shows whether you are testing negative or positive for Covid-19. The rapid antigen test should be performed during the initial days after the onset of symptoms. If you have had direct contact with a Covid-19-positive person, you shouldn’t care about the rapid antigen test price and conduct it straight away.  If you’re suffering from Covid-19 symptoms, the same test will still be beneficial. 

Out of various ways to check if you’re Covid-19-positive or Covid-19-negative, this one proves to be the most suitable choice. We will look through its advantages and throw light on its limitations too. Let’s go: 

Pros Of Rapid Antigen Test 

There are some amazing benefits of rapid antigen testing, the reason behind its popularity as well. Here are its advantages: 


People don’t worry much about rapid antigen test prices because it is quite inexpensive. You can buy the kit the moment you feel the need for the test. You won’t be bothered about its cost since it’s very low. 

Easy To Use 

It’s not like you have to go through a special course to understand how the test works. You should bring the entire kit needed for the job and the procedure writes itself. You can bring it from the nearby retail shop and conduct the test at your home. There’s no need to stand in a queue in the nearby hospital where it might take an entire day to conduct the test. 

High-Speed Results 

Even if people had to pay high rapid antigen test prices, would it bother them? Because it provides high-speed results, there cannot be a better way to know if you’re testing Corona positive or negative. The standard reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction simply referred to as RT-PCR, can take loads of time to give results. The majority of people are impatient so they would prefer rapid antigen tests. 

Cons Of Rapid Antigen Test 

It might look all amazing to have a rapid antigen test. It is economical and fast and the kit is simple to use. But it has its fair share of disadvantages too. Let’s take a look: 


One of the biggest problems with rapid antigen tests is their accuracy. There are times when it produces highly inaccurate results and causes problems for you. Suppose if the test results in negative but your clinical symptoms persist, it can lead to a disastrous turn of events in a couple of days. False-positive results are a major concern here. 

Can Lead To Bigger Health Concerns 

We have already discussed how it produces wrong results. In case you’re Covid-19-positive and don’t get treated at the right time, it can be a matter of life and death within a couple of days. We have seen a lot of cases where people were just fine initially and had to lose their lives within a week later. 

You don’t have to worry about the rapid antigen test price. If there’s any doubt in your mind, it is better to get quick results with the help of a rapid antigen test kit. If you still suffer from the symptoms, it is better to take the assistance of a doctor immediately! 


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