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A Comprehensive Guide About Installing Plantation Shutters In Cronulla

Do you need a timeless addition to your home? You should buy plantation shutters in Cronulla from a quality shop. There are various types of window furnishings and this one has to be the finest of them. It works wonders, especially for the big windows. The larger windows are covered up nicely with the help of plantation shutters. They have their good points as well as bad points. We are going to discuss both sides one by one: 

The Pros Of Plantation Shutters 

We should talk about the good side of plantation shutters first. There are various reasons why you should install plantation shutters for your place. Let’s take a look at them one by one: 

Sturdy Option 

The biggest reason why you should opt for plantation shutters in Cronulla is that they are very sturdy. If you stay in an area where winds blow very heavily and frequently, you would need an option like this which doesn’t account for a lot of damage. Shutters do not bend or crinkle and are unlikely to show signs of age for a very long time. This makes them a good option for the outdoors as well. 

Easy To Clean 

Another good part about buying plantation shutters is their maintenance. You don’t have to work very hard for their cleanliness. Since they are not made up of fabric, they are not easily stained either. The gap between the louvres means there is plenty of room to clean or dust. You just have to clean it up once in a while with a damp cloth and things will be fine. 

Great Control Of Light 

When you install plantation shutters for your place in Cronulla, you will also achieve great control of the light. You can make them wider or narrower as per your own will. You can move them at various angles so that light and privacy can be maintained at different levels. Shutters also facilitate great airflow, while adding extra protection from the elements when closed. 

Cons Of Plantation Shutters

There are a few issues with plantation shutters that we need to talk about. Here are those issues: 


One of the downsides of purchasing plantation shutters in Cronulla is that it is quite expensive. If you need them for each room in your house, the cost involved will be high. Shutters are one of the most expensive forms of window furnishing. If you don’t have the money available, you can go for a cheaper form of furnishing too. 

Difficult To Keep Furniture In Front Of Window 

Do you want to keep a furniture item right in front of the window where plantation shutters have been installed? This can be a really difficult move. To be able to open the window, you need to have plenty of space around the shutter because they open inward. Their functioning is exactly like a door so you cannot keep a furniture item near them. 

There’s no denying that plantation shutters can add immense value to your home. So it’s on you to decide whether you can live with their cons and make the order accordingly in Cronulla!


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