Tue, Jun 18, 2024

Planning hyper-functional bathroom designs will involve plenty of space planning and close attention to the materials and fixtures. Not all homes come with fully functional bathrooms, and most of them need to be renovated. The in-house bathroom designers are here to share some of their good reasons why you need to focus on bathroom renovations in Bellevue Hills more so now than ever. 

Get to the best resale value of the house with bathroom renovations:

Primarily, let’s just say that if you ever plan to sell your house in future, you need to bag as much resale value as you can. This money can later be used for purchasing a new apartment or for covering any other expenses you have. So, if you have the time and money in hand now, start renovating your bathroom. Once you do that, it will purposely improve the resale value of the place and makes it a lot easier for you to sell the house later.

Fix all the underlying problems:

Bathroom designs are heavily used and more prone to getting leaks and wear down. You can waste around 700L of water on a daily basis from a leaky toilet or sink. On the other hand, a damp bathroom will result in mould and mildew formation, which is the last thing you want.

  • Water leaks can eventually lead to rotted floors and electrical issues as well. Fixing them within time will increase the longevity of the space with the bare minimum cost from your side.
  • So, it is vital to ensure that all the pipes, faucets and taps are attached well to the joints and replaced before any major damage starts to tick in.
The perfect way to improve the storage space:

Increasing storage space will always help in accommodating increased needs along with that aesthetic look of the space. With the custom cupboards, open shelving ad storages for fresh and used clothes, you can change the clutter in your bathroom into an uncluttered look. So, make sure to opt for bathroom renovations in Bellevue Hills when you have the time for that and set a budget accordingly.

  • Make sure to use the bathroom cabinets for storing medications, hygienic items, cleaning supplies, toiletries, towels and clothes. So, the sizes will differ depending on the things you want to store in.
  • In case you are aiming towards compact bathrooms, then the ideal space for the cabinets will be right under the sink and above the toilet sometimes.
  • One of the most durable materials for the bathroom cabinets will be waterproof plywood. Even if these cabinets get exposed to moisture, that won’t hamper the look and texture of the product in any way.
Make your decisions wisely:

So, go through all the possible bathroom renovation options and then take your decisions wisely. Not every bathroom is made in the same way. So, depending on the available space and the current look of your house, the renovations will differ. Get along with the professional for the best ideas for bathroom renovations right away!


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