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There is increasing support for greenery installing solar batteries for homes in Australia. The country has become the hotspot of rooftop solar panels in the world. There is a huge amount of interest in getting a home battery among the citizens. If you are also keen, this article can help you by providing worthy information about solar batteries for your home.

There are five ways to set up a solar battery in your house:

Grid-tied without solar

 When there is no solar battery or panel in your house, all the electricity comes from the grid.

Grid-tied solar

 You can set up a solar panel in your house connecting the grid. When it is daytime the solar panel supplies power that your house uses first. The excessive power goes back to the grid. The grid stores the power to use at night or in low sunlight. 

Grid-tied solar with battery

The system of grid-tied solar batteries for home is a hybrid system that includes solar panels, a battery, an inverter, or multiple inverters, connecting to the main electricity grid. At night or on days when the sunlight is low, your house draws power from the battery and the additional power from the grid. 

Off-grid solar

In this type of system, there is no electricity grid connected to your solar battery. All the power comes from solar batteries for home or any other power generators like the wind. Here the battery has a vital role to play as the main power source. Sometimes, there is a diesel generator that helps to supply power when there is an emergency demand for electricity. 

The off-grid system requires more battery capacity than a typical gird-tied solar system. It may also need an inverter to cope with the high electricity demand. It is beneficial for your remote properties where the grid connection is either not available or expensive to set up. Moreover, an off-grid system is more complex and costly than a grid-tied system.

During a blackout

When there is a sudden blackout, the solar batteries for the home shut down and you cannot have any power at all. Some advanced inverters provide anti-islanding protection besides keeping the solar panels and battery generating during a blackout. So, you can access the power even if it is a blackout. In this case, you may require more solar and battery capacity. 

Benefits of solar battery at home

There are several benefits of installing a solar battery in your house:

  • Solar power systems do not cause pollution to air and water and do not produce greenhouse gases. It also promotes carbon-free electricity production and a healthy environment.
  • The significant advantage of installing solar batteries for your home is that you can save your expenditure on monthly electricity bills.
  • Providing a solar panel can increase your property value by 3 – 4 %. It offers an effective selling profit for real estate agents to sell your property.  

Home Insurance:

Your home insurance covers the solar panel system including the battery, panel, and inverter as a part of your house. The insurance amount of your house should extend to cover the replacement cost of the solar panel system. 


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