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It is highly desirable to have a standard king-sized bed in the master bedroom of your house. A king-sized bed provides ample space for two people with enough space to move without worrying about going to the bed’s edge. It is an excellent choice for restless sleepers and acts as an ideal choice for a family. A king-sized bed also helps provide comfort for people with arthritis or back pain alleviating pressure points on the body.

A king-sized bed is available in metal or wooden frames. While metal frames are easy to install, are light weighted and available in a variety of colours and models, the appeal of wooden bed frames is something different. A wooden frame, especially a timber king bed frame, provides a rustic or traditional look with a number of design options. Some advantages of a timber king bed frame are:

  1. Easy to customize – Making a king-size frame using timber allows you to customize the bed frame design according to your requirement and available space.
  2. Additional storage Space – You can easily add a lot of storage space to timber bed frames for storing extra cushions, bed sheets or even mattresses. For houses where space is a constraint, having additional storage space is highly beneficial.
  3. Excellent design – Since timber wood can be easily shaped, you can add excellent design to the timber frame to match the décor of the bedroom giving a boost to the interior of the house. A house with a timber king bed frame gives a rich and classy look to your house.
  4. Durable – Timber bed frames are known to last for longer durations of time without fear of rust or corrosion unlike metal bed frames making them highly durable. 
  5. Easy to Clean – A bed frame made of timber is easy to clean and maintain. It is extremely easy to re-establish the timber king bed frame’s gloss using wood polishes. 
  6. Value for money- While timber king bed frames are a little costly compared to metal frames, the value that you derive out of a timber bed frame is extremely high. The durability, the classy look, the storage space all make it a value for money buy.
  7. Sturdy – A timber king bed frame is extremely sturdy and can come in various styles. Since timber bed frames are often constructed using slats, this structure typically offers stronger support. Moving a king-sized timber bed frame is noiseless when compared to that of metal bed frames.  

Some disadvantages of a timber king bed frame could be the heaviness of timber wood making the frame difficult to move easily, high cost compared to metal beds and the possibility of wood decay. However, for someone who prefers elegance, style, exclusiveness, sophistication, a timber king bed frame is an excellent choice. A large number of online as well as offline stores offer a vast collection of timber king bed frames to choose from. Most of these stores offer timber king bed frames in standard sizes as well as customized sizes to suit your needs.


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