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When it comes to renovating the bathroom, you will come across several options that you can put to use to appear it look at its best. The tiles are the most preferred option when it comes to remodelling the bathroom. It is the herringbone mosaic tile that is widely in use in the bathroom. You must choose the tile judiciously as you will find a wide variety of tiles in the market. Tiles with various textures and colours are available. As per your taste, you can choose the tiles. The bathroom needs to be cleaned every single day and when you install tile in the bathroom, the cleaning process is not hazardous. 

About herringbone tile

The herringbone pattern is a classic herringbone mosaic tile pattern that features columns with rectangular shapes at interchanging opposing angles for creating a catchy design.

  • Herringbone tiles are available in various materials like ceramic, glass, stone, marble, metal, and porcelain.
  • This tile can be used for various purposes like wall tiles, shower tiles, and so on. 
  • Herringbone tiling layout is one of the effective tiling layouts. 
  • It is a good option for bathroom and kitchen flooring

Add sophistication to the property 

When you are keen on adding personality to the home space without investing in expensive remodelling, installing herringbone mosaic tile is the ultimate option. It will create a classy look and your house will stand out from others. The design of the herringbone tile is an elegant one that will remain in style. There are various ways in using the herringbone tiles on the walls and the floors. It can be used in the bathroom to the kitchen as well. A wide variety of herringbone tile options are available. You can choose the tile depending on your requirement.

Design with hexagon tile

Another tiling option that has become immensely popular in contemporary homes is the hexagon tile bathroom. The tiles come with six sides and it is a naturally forming geometric shape. Your bathroom will look aesthetically appealing with the use of hexagon tile. Whether it is a modern bathroom or an old one, hexagon tiles look good in both settings. The hexagon tiles offer versatile shapes. Hexagon tiles are available in materials like glass tiles and natural stones. There are endless options for hexagon tiles. Porcelain hexagon tile is also available. 


Whether you want to buy hexagon tile bathroom or herringbone mosaic tile, make sure to buy from the house of a reputed supplier. Tiles from a reputed supplier mean an assured quality product. Moreover, reputed suppliers have an experienced team of professionals who are pros at laying out tiles. Thus, you can do extensive research before you proceed to buy the tiles for the bathroom. You can buy online or can ask an acquaintance who has benefitted from buying the tiles from a reputed supplier. The best supplier is only a click away. Visit the store, choose the colour, and get home the best. Tiles of premium quality are what you will get with the reputed supplier.


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