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What is EMS airflow cleaning?

An innovative, non-contact method of dental maintenance and prevention is EMS airflow cleaning in Five Docks. To loosen and remove food particles, plaque, discolouration, and stains from the teeth and in difficult-to-reach locations, it delivers a regulated airflow, warm water, and extremely fine sweet powder onto the tooth.

Compared to conventional pastes, the high-pressure water/air stream thoroughly cleans your teeth considerably more quickly and comfortably. Traditional techniques can be unpleasant, time-consuming, and leave you with a less-than-clean aftertaste.

The dental cleaning process has been altered and taken to a new level of comfort thanks to airflow technology. No more suffering, sensitivity, discomfort, or prodding. The people get to receive only flawless, bright-white teeth.

How does airflow technology work, and does it hurt?

Air-Flow technology is easy and painless that eliminates surface stains brought on by food, drink, and cigarettes using a unique erythritol powder, air, and a mild jet stream of water. You’ll notice and experience the difference right away. The EMS airflow technology is safe and comfortable to be accessed.

The airflow technology does not hurt at all. The Airflow unit applies a fine spray of water and powder to the teeth’s surface. Even the water is pre-warmed by the unit to lessen sensitivity. This procedure allows even those who often find dental cleaning extremely painful or need to be sedated before cleaning to have their teeth cleaned pleasantly.

Is airflow technology helpful with gum disease?

One of the main advantages of airflow technology is surely this one. The cleaning method removes the “biofilm,” a sticky layer of germs that forms around teeth and gums. The primary cause of gum disease, this biofilm forms when bacteria colonise tooth plaque. 

It has been revealed that removing this biofilm is essential for treating gum disease and maintaining the health of the gums and teeth. The unique perioflow nozzle can flex and adjust to clean even tricky locations under the gum line where there are deep pockets surrounding the teeth due to gum disease.

What are the advantages of airflow cleaning technology?

With the emergence of new cleaning technology for maintaining dental hygiene, the benefits of this method become necessary to be mentioned. The EMS airflow cleaning in Five Docks is:

  • The most efficient way to clean around fixed bands and brackets is by using airflow polishing.
  • The procedure is secure and in no way harms the appliance or teeth.
  • Bonded and bracketed teeth can have plaque and stains removed with Air Flow.
  • Airflow lets you achieve fantastic outcomes without putting your teeth at risk of damage. With Airflow, all of the plaque and discolouration brought on by dietary habits can be eliminated with just one treatment.
  • Prior scaling might be necessary to obtain a competitive advantage.

Will airflow clean aid in promoting periodontal health?

The powders used in EMS airflow cleaning treatments are particularly engineered to prevent future bacterial development and remove stains and biofilm. The less abrasive nature of the erythritol powder used in airflow therapy makes it substantially less damaging to gum tissue than powders with a higher abrasiveness, like sodium bicarbonate. Erythritol also deactivates bacteria to stop them from multiplying, aiding in the prevention of gum diseases, including gingivitis and periodontitis.

Older air-polishing procedures were considered unpleasant, dirty, and occasionally painful. However, according to patients, airflow therapy is a much more amazing feeling. Your gums and tooth surfaces are gently touched by a gentle jet of water, resulting in maximum productivity and little discomfort.


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