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In most cases, one of the best investments that you can make is making a new basement or finishing a basement that has been going on for a long time. Basements are inexpensive and they can be used for multiple purposes, like an extra bedroom, entertainment center or family room. Most basements are constructed with concrete. For finished flooring, concrete basement construction is the most preferred for its moisture-resistant capacity and varied designs. 

If you decide to install a waterproof membrane, so that you can stop the cracks, basements can be constructed even in poor soils. Concrete basement construction can also be done in the downward sloping lot and high water tables. Caissons are used to make a strong basement if the soil is exceptionally poor. 

Varieties of basement construction: 

There are three types of basement construction:

  • Masonry wall basement: The masonry block units are used to construct the basement walls. The basement should be properly reinforced by connecting all the major joints. To avoid water seepage, the walls should be waterproof. 
  • Precast panel basements: Here the concrete panels are placed with the help of the crane. 
  • Concrete wall basements that are poured: It is a popular form of basement construction. There are certain benefits to it too. They should properly be able to resist the seepage that can happen because of the pressures of wind, earth, and water. 

The concrete basement construction should be joint-free and dense. They are usually much more water-resistant. They have small voids compared to that of concrete blocks. The type of basement construction should be recommended by the local building department. 

Problems of moisture:

There are certain reasons behind the basement moisture. The missing gutters and defective downspouts. If melted snow and rainwater are not removed from the house, space can crawl up moisture. If the subsurface of the water source is there, it can even cause the same damp problem. It can also happen because of condensation. 

The grading can be insufficient in the case of concrete basement construction. The window wells can be designed in a very improper manner. The sump pit and the drain tile can be ineffective. The under-slab ducts can lead to improper drainage. These can also be cracks. 

The source of moisture should be removed and it goes even because of the moisture wall. It can also be done because of the special coating that is given inside. Dampproofing and waterproofing are the two main ways by which the moisture can be prevented. If the bridge cracks it mainly happens because of the basement wall. If the soil is in a very poor condition, the waterproof system can help it properly. It is extra protection if the soil gets properly drained. 

Dam proofing is also a good way to prevent water penetration in the case of concrete basement construction. It helps to shrink cracks in the case of hydrostatic pressure. It helps to give proper living space to you and offers lot of flexibility in your home designs too. It makes it economical and useful too. 


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