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Due to the rising price of electricity people are shifting their attention to renewable sources of energy. The solar power installation in Lismore is relieving people so that they can think of installing solar panels. However, installing solar power can be cost-effective but if you install it once then you don’t need to think of its maintenance for a long period.

Several types of solar power panels are there. Out of all the most common ones are monocrystalline solar panels and polycrystalline solar panels. These two have different types of features. People like to install these two solar power panels because of their efficiency and production of the highest amount of electricity. 

Features Of Monocrystalline Solar Panels

The best option for solar power installation in Lismore is monocrystalline solar panels. It is because it has some special features that are hard to find in other solar panels. 

  • It has black cells and the manufacturing process of one single crystal is very complicated. That is why it is costly compared to the others. Other than that, it traps sunlight and helps in generating electricity efficiently.
  • Furthermore, it has higher conversion efficiency than the others. It means it can produce more kWh of electricity because of a single silicon crystal. The electrons are free to move and this produces more electricity.
  • The monocrystalline solar power installation in Lismore has higher heat resistance compared to the other panels for the production of more electricity. It is less affected by heat and has high efficiency in high temperatures. During cloudy days or rainy seasons, it creates a problem and is unable to trap the sunlight properly.

Features Of Polycrystalline Solar Panels

Polycrystalline solar panels consist of several silicon crystals. Those are made up of silicon fragments. The features of polycrystalline solar power installation in Lismore are as follows.

  • The efficiency of polycrystalline is comparatively low in terms of monocrystalline. As it is composed of multiple silicon crystals, it doesn’t have much room for electrons to move freely. When the electrons cannot get a chance to move freely they are unable to trap the sunlight. Hence it creates problems. 
  • The shapes of cells are square shaped and it can be identified with those only. It has a shining blue hue with straight edges. It can trap the rays efficiently so that electricity can be generated properly. However, less electricity is generated because of its low capacity. Like other solar panels, polycrystalline also has the same problem. They can not trap sunlight during the rainy season. 
  • Moreover, these are pocket friendly hence anyone can purchase them. The manufacturing process is simpler and during the entire procedure, a very low amount of silicon is used. 

Lastly, we must mention that solar power installation in Lismore will efficiently supply you with electricity uninterrupted. That is why people are using renewable sources of energy. These are available in nature and anybody can use them without thinking much. If anybody can use it wisely then no maintenance is required for two to three decades.  


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