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With traffic increasing exponentially day by day, it becomes quite dangerous on the roads for drivers and pedestrians alike. It is often seen that some kind of roadside accident has occurred due to various reasons which include rash driving, drinking and driving, negligence by the traffic police, etc. In a world where the population is increasing which in turn is increasing the number of people on the roads, it has become a matter of great importance to help restore road safety and security. Traffic lights often malfunction which leads to disastrous results. With drivers on the roads with little to no driving skills, accidents are bound to occur. Even if the cars are ebbing driven by skilled drivers, it may happen that due to sudden malfunctioning of the car, an accident occurs. Road accidents have drastically increased over the past few years which only shows how little attention is given to traffic management. In almost every country today, a mechanism known as a boom barrier is installed in order to restrict cars from crossing over to the other side.

Why They Are Important

A boom gate or a boom barrier is basically a pole or a bar which is pivoted at a point and kept horizontally at some height above the ground in order to block or restrict vehicles from crossing. To stop accidents, boom gate suppliers in Sydney has taken an initiative to have one in almost every crossroads. They are mainly found near railway tracks, where vehicles are stopped while the incoming train passes by. After that, the pole is lifted and the vehicles are allowed to pass through. The mechanism of boom gates is very simple. Today, there are controlled with a remote which sends a signal for the boom gates to open and close. The opposite end of the boom barriers contains a heavyweight which counterbalances the entire weight of the pole and makes it easier for the pole to be lifted. 

Automatic boom barriers are very common in the country. To find boom gates in Sydney, residents have a host of options to choose from. They are electrically controlled and are made in such a way that it can withstand long hours of shifting up and down. These boom agues can be controlled with the help of loop detectors, radio frequency identification tags and readers, remote controllers, pushbuttons, optoelectronic sensors, or even any other third-party controllers. 

These boom barriers come in various sizes as well, depending on their place of use. As said earlier, they are used in level crossing to avoid collision with incoming trains. They are used in parking facilities in railway stations, airports, malls, etc. where the car is allowed to move through after the parking ticket is paid. The most common places where these boom barriers can be found are in factories, and restricted areas or in toll booths, checkpoints between borders, etc.


Thus, we see that even a simple device like a boom barrier is of such great importance. With their use, traffic management has become much easier and roads have become much safer.

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