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Caravans are often towed behind a vehicle. It provides more space to sleep and offers an elevated level of comfort and convenience when compared to conventional tends. Caravans can be carried with the utmost ease and require limited space in the garage. Caravans are preferred by travellers who want to save additional costs of living in a hotel room. They also come with a nice well-fitted bathroom, furniture, and other equipment. Lots of young travellers and other travel enthusiasts prefer caravans to go on long road trips to experience the beauty of nature and also to be comfortable during the journey.

In the past couple of decades, there has been an increase in different types of caravans in the market. The advancement in technology and changing needs of the people has influenced the production of different types of caravans. They are designed to suit and fulfil the various requirements of a traveller. 

Following are the different types of Caravans available in the market:-

1. Pop up Caravans

A Pop-up Caravan is a towed recreational vehicle. It is easier to transport and use. This caravan requires less space as compared to other traditional caravans. When set up this caravan provides a large space as compared to its size when it is collapsed. This type of caravan is easy to afford, requires less space, and can be towed easily. It is quite renowned and popular with a lot of travellers. It has soft walls. These soft walls are made from vinyl or canvas. They also consist of small windows with screens.

2. Lightweight Caravans

Lightweight caravans are a trailer that can be towed without the help of a heavy or huge vehicle. They can be easily towed by any family car. It is much easier to tow a lightweight caravan as compared to the other caravans. It is also easier to maneuver.

3. Conventional Caravans

Conventional Caravans are the most common and basic/traditional caravans. It is a full-bodied caravan with four walls and a full height rood. The length of this traditional caravan can range up to 10 meters and depending on the size, they can come in one or two axles. It also consists of several rooms along with furniture and equipment to ensure home-like comfort to the travellers.

4. Folding Caravans

A folding caravan is quite unusual and different as compared to the other traditional Caravans. If storage is an issue, then, this is the type of caravan one should opt for. It is easier to fold up and transport and it can be unfolded later on the campsite. Folding caravans are quite competitively priced since they attract budget cautious owners.

In these past few decades, there has been a lot of changes and remodelling of the traditional caravans. It is also said that more and more people are interested in buying caravans since they are more cost-effective and save the additional costs of staying in a hotel.

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