Sun, Jul 14, 2024

You’ll love a backyard fire pit if you like having a small, fireside-friendly gathering. If you’re looking to create an outdoor oasis that your guests will want to visit again and again, check out these top-notch recommendations for making the perfect portable backyard fire pit. Here are some tips on how to make the ideal portable backyard fire pit!

Get the Perfect Firewood

Depending on where you live, you may need access to traditional firewood. Purchasing seasoned, dry wood is always a good idea if you have access to firewood. Drying firewood means the wood’s natural oils have mostly evaporated, leaving behind a hard, dry wood chip perfect for a fire pit. If you don’t have access to firewood and would like to use some as a centrepiece in your backyard, you can use a few options.

Don’t Waste Money on A Fancy Pit

If you’re willing to spend a bit extra money to make your outdoor fire pit more attractive, you can get a lot more out of it. If you’re ready to shell out a few extra dollars for a beautiful pit, you should invest in a more expensive model. These premium-grade fire pits come in all sorts of designs, materials, and features, so getting a quality model is worth the extra money. These pit models usually don’t come with a burner, so you’ll need to use a regular propane tank to use them as a fireplace. If you’re willing to spend a little bit more money, however, you can find a lot of fancy models that look almost too pretty to use as a portable backyard fire pit.

Don’t Use Steel or Ceramic

If you’re not willing to spend the money on a fancy model, you can still enjoy a great outdoor fire pit by using common household items as fire starters. Steel and ceramic are the most common types of fire starters, so if you’re on the fence about using steel or ceramic, recommend against them. Steel will certainly create an unbalanced fire, while ceramic will produce too much heat and cause your pit to get too hot. Some people also choose firewood instead of real wood, which is a no-no in book. Wood is necessary for proper fire enjoyment, and you should use real wood whenever possible.

Create the Perfect Heat Wrap

Last but not least, before you get your portable backyard fire pit, ensure you have the best place to put it and have a heat wrap. Unfortunately, getting a fire in your backyard can be challenging and convenient, especially if you don’t have a wood-burning fireplace. This is why you need a heat wrap. A heat wrap is a material designed to be placed over your pit, keeping it warm and cosy while protecting it from the elements. There are many types of heat wraps, but the ones recommend are made of lightweight, breathable material. These heat wraps are easy to move around the yard, so they’re great for keeping your pet warm even if you’re not inside when the fire is burning.


There’s no doubt that a portable backyard fire pit is a welcome sight in any backyard. It is a nice way to enjoy the outdoors with your friends and family and gives your house more than necessary warmth. A backyard fire pit isn’t just for heating up during cold winter months; it can be an addition to any outdoor space, indoor or outdoor.


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