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What can you do on your property to help maintain healthy soil conditions? To preserve the health and strength of your Slab Foundation and help protect the integrity and structural stability of your house.

Here are essential tips for you:

  • Maintain a Consistent Level of Moisture:

To avoid uneven soil, it is necessary to maintain a consistent moisture level in the soil around your house. It expands or swells as the soil becomes saturated with water. If the soil around the foundation is not held at the same amount of moisture, it can dry out and shrink, causing changes that could affect the foundation’s strength and stability, leading to cracks and other damage.

  • Proper Drainage:

The secret to soil stabilization is drainage. There are precautions that homeowners should take, such as ensuring that downspouts guide water away from the base of the home, water does not pool near the base, and that the ground around the house is sloped away from the home to assist with drainage.

  • Proper Placement of Trees:

Trees should never be planted near the house with broad root systems. Tree roots that tunnel into or below the foundation of your home will strain the foundation’s walls and cause cracks. It is best to plant trees and large shrubbery close enough around the home’s perimeter to maintain consistent levels of soil moisture but far enough away from the base to prevent a slab base from interfering with roots. To help secure your foundation from tree root invasion, you can add a root barrier if appropriate.

  • Maintain a Consistent Temperature inside Your Home:

Believe it or not, keeping a constant temperature inside your home will help prevent the slab foundation from expanding and contracting by minimizing severe temperature changes.

  •  Checking Foundation and Plumbing Regularly:

Seasonal temperature changes can affect not only the foundation of your house but also the plumbing system. For any changes, check all foundation and plumbing every season and keep a log of any possible problems and their noted dates. To decide if there is a significant issue or whether the issue is just a surface issue, contact a foundation repair specialist for an assessment if a problem progresses.

If you want to prevent the foundation’s expensive repair, you need to ensure that you maintain your home’s concrete slab base properly. Usually, these kinds of problems are caused by variations in the amount of soil moisture. As clay starts to dry out, it shrinks, allowing the foundation to fall deeper into the soil. Ensuring that you maintain a sufficient moisture level in your home is one of the easiest and least costly tasks that you can complete as a homeowner.

When it comes to maintaining proper moisture levels, the area immediately around your slab foundation is the most important. The most vital is also 18 inches from the home and 3 feet in depth in this location. You need to take explicit steps to preserve the slab foundation correctly. 


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