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Homemakers always want to ensure that everything is in the perfect place at home. They like their homes as much as anything. They will never stop till they are successful in achieving their desired results. They take utmost care when it comes to decorating their home space. Furthermore, they are often willing to make their home decor the best in terms of style and substance.

Likewise, your home is a mix of each and every design. If a particular design goes wrong, so does the whole decor. So all the things in your home should be free of flaws and discrepancies. For example, your living room, bed room, kitchen and so on should be synonymous with one another, thereby creating wholesome beauty and elegance around your home space. Your floors are something to be taken care of properly.  There are products like floor shine and hardener that help keep your floors spick and span. On the other hand, your floors simply reflect the real face of your home space. So they should be clean, neat and appealing. Here you can find some relevant pointers related to your floors:

  • Your floors often come into contact with heavy foot traffic. Therefore, they should be kept strong and clean.
  • Secondly, your floors must be protected from external threats like accidental damage, random cracks and rough scratches to name a few.
  • They must be protected from issues like waterlogging and fungus threat.

So it is important to protect your floors from the possibility of such threats as described above.

All About Your Floor Shine And Hardener :

When it comes to maintaining your floors and surface, you have great products in hand like floor shine and hardener. This highly efficient product will go a long way in giving a perfect, shining and durable finish to your floors. As a result of this, your floors will be left with high-end sheen.  Let us look at some of the features relating to floor shine and hardener as follows:

  • This product is water-based.
  • It emits low odour and is easy and safe to use. 
  • Floor shine and hardener can be used as the perfect finish over sealed floors.
  • Large-pored sponge applicator should not be used.
  • The applicator must not be dipped directly into the product.
  • It is recommended not to use for exterior purposes like a finish over glazed porcelain tiles.

So it is important to follow up with instructions while using chemical products like floor shine and hardener. This will go a long way in ensuring overall safety.

Overall Concepts Of Floor Shine And Hardener :

Now let us look into the actual steps and strategies involved in the use of floor shine and hardener. How best can we use it? What advantages does the use of floor shine and hardener bring? How safe will it be? These are some of the related questions. Now the details are as follows:

  • First off, the surface should be dry and clean. It should be free from any coating. 
  • You can apply floor shine and hardener over any kind of Aqua Mix sealer.
  • You can apply this product over the sealed floors. Using a sponge mop or paint pad applicator, you can spread it evenly. 
  • Most importantly, you can go up to two or three coats at once. There should be a minimum of 1 hour for each coat to dry up.
  • Finally, clean your hands and tools using soap and water.

Besides this, it is better to keep the floor areas dry for at least 12 hours. A complete cure takes at least a 24-hour timeframe.


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