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Harnesses are a beneficial way to lower the risk of neck injury, providing comfort and making the walk more enjoyable. You must guide your dog to walk correctly on the road so you can walk together happily. Taking the time to train your dog to wear its harness in a gentle, kind, and entertaining way will help you both and reduce a lot of stress in the long term. Your dog will understand to enjoy wearing its harness, and dog harness wholesale suppliers will help you choose a good harness. Here are a few things to make your dog wear a harness:

Introducing the harness:

Set the harness on the floor and spread some tasty treats around it so your dog can explore it and commence associating it with nice things straight from the start. If they are satisfied, lift it and provide your dog with some of their favourite delicacies through the head hole. Place your hand so your dog doesn’t have to put their head at this early stage. Making it as effortless as feasible means they will likely be pleased about it right from the start.

Getting your dog used to touching:

Dogs oppose wearing a harness repeatedly because they are exposed to touch. Choosing dog harness wholesale suppliers wisely is essential for a good harness. And get your dog used to being handled regularly. Otherwise, they will always stumble wearing harnesses or collars. Gently handle and stoke your pet with your hands, rewarding it with delicacies whenever you do so. If the dog backs away or bites you, this is a warning that you are being too harsh or nosy with your petting, and you must slow down your training techniques.

Placing it over the head:

With a treat in your hand, move it from the head hold. Your dog must move their nose and mouth through to take its treats. If your dog isn’t showing any trouble, continue feeding them delicacies by gently setting the harness around the dog’s neck and allowing it to hang loosely. If they retreat, release the harness instantly and return to the stage. Sometimes your dog might dislike the harness shapes, sizes, and colours, so look for dog harness wholesale suppliers and buy your favourite harness for your dog.

Have his favourite treats:

To teach a dog something, there are two ways. The first one applies to give them the so-called opposing motivation. It means that when he misbehaves, you raise your voice at him, expressing to him you are not happy. The other, more practical method is to reward good manners. And the most effortless way to do this is by giving him his favourite goodies every time he follows your orders. Of course, nothing prevents you from using both techniques when training your dog to walk with a harness. You can increase your voice at them when they trigger drawing vigorously and reward them with a delicacy when he acts strictly the way you want them to.

Encouraging your dog to walk:

Once your dog has their harness on, please encourage them to wear it forever around the neck. Your dog doesn’t comprehend English, so you can’t explain how they should act on the leash. Instead, you must show them how to do it gradually. Training him to walk elegantly with a harness will consume a lot of time. If they are satisfied, go for a walk, and if they require some more inducement, give them a delicacy now and then along the way.

Final thoughts:

How long the harness training will take relies on many aspects, including your dog’s personality, age, breed, etc. Still, you should predict significant progress after a couple of weeks. But, even if your dog takes longer to understand, you can seek help from dog harness wholesale suppliers


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