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Solar energy, a renewable energy source, has a wide number of advantages. The main source of this energy is the Sun, which is completely free. But the only thing which is important is how you harness this energy for your own usage in a cost-effective and efficient manner. 

It is important that the installation set-up for harnessing solar energy should be effective without creating holes in consumers’ pockets. So, here are a few things one should keep in mind to find the best solar panel installation  in Windsor.

1. Consumer should know their priorities:

Before installing the solar panel in your home, consumers should have an approximate idea of energy consumption (kW) in a year. This will help the consumer to decide on the physical size of the solar panels for installation. Based on his requirement and priorities consumers can filter out the different solar panel installation companies in Windsor.

2. Longevity and credentials of the solar panel installation company:

Before choosing a solar panel installation service provider, consumers should check how long they have been running their business. 

The consumers should also check their credentials, reviews and their performance online and if possible, try to do so offline as well, try to talk to the previous consumers of that company.  

3. Solar panel equipment used by solar panel installation company:

Before choosing the solar panel installation company, consumers should discuss which brand’s solar equipment they are using. There are so many brands that provide great solar equipment. It is possible that the efficiency range of solar panels of different brands can vary. 

The consumer can discuss different brands with solar panel installation companies in Windsor and choose any brand according to their requirement and the cost of the panels.  

4. Services provided by Solar Panel Installation Company:

The customers should check whether the services such as repairing panels and other main components, cleaning of the equipment, inspection and testing of the installation setup etc. will be provided by the installation company or not. People in Windsor should also discuss the warranty of the panels and the other main equipment (battery, inverter, meter reading etc.)

They should also check the accessibility of the services such as if there is any system failure whether it is possible to resolve the problem from remote access or not and also how much time it will take to resolve the issue at ground level as well. 

5. Discussion of Finances:

After considering all the above criteria, you should discuss the finances with the solar panel installation company in Windsor. People should check with the company which services are free and for which services he has to pay. They must consider the charges of which equipment are included in the installation setup and for which he has to pay. 

On the basis of his requirement and energy consumption, he should choose the size of the panel, brand and technology of the panel. This will help them to choose the solar panel installation company in a cost-effective manner.  


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