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Combi ovens are incredibly flexible machines that provide great flexibility in commercial kitchens. They are effective in kitchens at bars, restaurants, schools, canteens, and even residential care facilities. 

With hospitality, client expectations continue to rise. So, presenting delicious, high-quality food quickly and also maintaining profit margins is a big issue for the restaurant and catering industries.

Chefs may now do a variety of tasks with only one device called a combi oven. Consider the following aspects when purchasing a combi oven commercial:

Ease of use

Consider the oven’s design and further detail first. Are the controls touchscreen or push-button, and how user-friendly are they? To make sure the combi oven meets your unique requirements, you should take into account these design elements.

It’s crucial to be able to properly programme recipes because doing so can help employees cook faster. Programmable recipes remove the element of chance from the cooking process, guaranteeing that every course on your menu is prepared perfectly.

Electric or Gas

Depending on your preferences and what is offered at your location, you will either choose a gas or an electric combi oven commercial. Gas models are typically more expensive to purchase, but you should compare operating costs before choosing.

Due to the possibility of brownouts and power problems, some regional locations are better off using gas. There are various aspects of gas to think about, including whether it is natural gas or LPG and how the gas is supplied to your facility.


While combi units are praised for their adaptability, it’s important to remember that no single unit can handle two tasks at once. If you intend to use your combi oven commercial for multiple purposes, you might choose two units that are stacked on top of one another. You can just buy one unit and be aware that only one function may be active at any given time.


Maintaining the functionality of your kitchen also depends on the performance and dependability of a combi oven. Most combi ovens are built for dependability and are intended to be the unquestionable focal point of the kitchen. 

So you can rely on them to execute your menu and function flawlessly in every circumstance if it is dependable. Look for cutting-edge features and accessories both inside and out.


In general, you should look for the simpler and the better combi oven. Even though manual ovens have the option to pre-set the various cooking settings, combi oven control generally comes under the Manual or Programmable category.

In contrast to currently programmed ovens, which feature big touchscreen panels in the form of tablets, manual ones typically contain buttons and knobs.

Some chefs might favour the experience of manual control. Nevertheless, programmable versions make it much simpler for cooks to achieve good results.

Operating expenses

The next thing to look for is how much water is consumed overall and how much energy is used. Many of the recent combi oven commercials use eco-friendly technology to consume less water and power.

The creative, boiler-less design is what makes these savings possible. Greater control over recovery times, cooking temperatures, and food quality are possible with boiler-less flash-steam generation.

Bottom line

Despite the fact that the majority of commercial combi ovens have self-cleaning capabilities, you should always refer to the user manual. Along with the given tips, consider the manufacturer’s recommendations to determine which cleaning solutions are most effective.


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