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How long has the supplier been providing services to the gaming sector?

Every purchase you make for your gaming area is a significant responsibility, so you must ensure that the supplier you choose has the expertise, capability, and inventory to deliver precisely what you require and when you need it.

This goes for poker machine bases, also. If you need more bases or parts, you would prefer not to hear that the style or configuration is not accessible. Search for somebody willing to help with new designs and additional segments and who could store additional covers for future work whenever required.

Does the supplier specialise in the gaming industry?

Typically, you hire a carpenter to construct your furnishings. But when it comes to bases that must meet your future needs, you should have them made separately to allow for flexibility in rearranging your floor plan. Ideally, you should look for a base supplier to assist you with such moves.

Has The Supplier Made Provision For The Technical Trades Which Follow The Installation?

Information and force for a gaming floor have explicit and, once in a while, extraordinary requirements. You need to ensure that your provider will work intimately with a wide range of gaming makers so they plan and consider every piece of information and force prerequisites.

Is The Base Craftsman Designed?

You should demand skilled worker plans for your bases to guarantee player solace and create a climate your clients anticipate. You need a stylish plan in light of capacity.

Are The Bases Made So You Can Change The Colour Without Removing The Poker Machine And Cabling?

At times you simply need a facelift. Paintwork and putting in a new rug don’t need to mean new bases. Search for a base producer that has plans with shading change profiles.

How Good Is Your Guarantee?

All providers will offer an assurance, yet at what cost? Will you need to eliminate the base and machines to influence the maintenance? Ensure any bases have trustworthiness in their development so that even basic things like the entryways not sticking when you actuate programmed secures are considered.

What Materials Is The Supplier Using?

You should insist on high-pressure HMR Craftwood covers for all benchtops to ensure durability and long-term cost savings. Some base suppliers may opt for melamine on particle boards to reduce costs, but such bases have a shorter lifespan and are not well-suited to regular wear and tear, which can result in an unkempt gaming floor.

They have seen many “convenient solutions” and ineffectively built poker machine bases and screens in bars and gambling clubs across Australia. They comprehend the gaming business better than anybody and unhesitatingly check all the containers regarding these seven key inquiries. 

With their expertise, adaptability, and years of experience, they are equipped to tackle any challenge and commit to being by your side every step of the way, from planning and design to installation and ongoing support.


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