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It is true that exterior Hebel panel cladding is a major part of the wall of the property that will protect all of the interior elements. Most of the properties these days are beginning to use the exterior cladding as part of decorative features, in place of the original protective purpose. Among the lot, timber is considered a cladding material. But, PVC cladding is also becoming popular over a couple of years. 

The lower maintenance features:

It is true that you need to invest some money in the Hebel panel cladding. Before you do that, understanding more about the features is important just to be sure that you are making the right choice in here.

  • When compared to the common cladding, the PVC-based Hebel one is extremely low maintenance. It is mainly because of the durability and some of the easy cleaning features.
  • The external based wall cladding is widely used in place of normal brick or paint. It is because the cladding just needs an occasional washdown to make sure that the result looks as good as new.

Moving on with the aesthetic value:

One of the common reasons for homeowners to use Hebel panel cladding on their home is mainly because of the aesthetically-pleasing appearance that it might add to the property. 

  • The panel cladding is perfect for providing your property with instant kerb appeal. 
  • The exterior cladding for the homes is now made available in various different colours and styles to choose from. 
  • The PVC-based wall claddings will have a textured wood appearance in multiple colours, from pale Gold to Storm Grey. Chances are high that you will find the suitable colours to match your style. 
  • Try using some shades, which will complement the existing doors and windows for creating that coordinated look or selecting a contrasting colour for cladding. It will present your home with an individual exterior appearance.

Dealing with internal insulation:

It is true that external cladding will help in improving the thermal insulation of your property. That’s why there is a booming demand for Hebel panel cladding these days. 

  • With fitted with the help of generic insulation material, the external cladding will offer A+ insulation help.
  • Using external cladding for insulating a home is one way to save some money on heating costs. 

Ultimate protection of the safeguard:

If you think that the points mentioned above are enough to know more about external cladding, then think again. External cladding is proven to be a great addition to your said property, as it helps in offering an extra layer of protection against corrosion and weathering. 

Various uses to follow:

Once you start researching more about Hebel panel cladding, you will understand its multiple uses big time. It is one adaptable product that can be used in multiple situations. It can be used while constructing a new home and can form a major part of the new design. It can further be used for adding a new extension, where cladding can offer a hard-wearing and attractive finish.


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