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Window blinds are the most convenient option for your windows. They are easy to maintain and provide the utmost privacy one needs. They are inexpensive and come in various colours, shapes and sizes as well. Blinds are a piece of décor that adds coziness and comfort to your life. This article gives you a full guide about blinds in Double Bay.

Types of Window blinds:

  1. Venetian blinds: People who love to live in luxury would generally opt for such blinds. They have a wooden finish which gives an overall rich look to the room. It compliments all sorts of interiors and furniture. To make the blinds more durable, they are given extra protection in sunny and rainy weather. 
  2. Roman blinds: Roman blinds are extensively made of fabric material. Since fabrics come in a huge range of colours and designs, roman blinds easily blend with all sorts of home décor and make the room look more pleasing. They are easily maintainable and hence, durable. Fabrics like cotton add a touch of elegance to the place while using polyester could also be a good decision. 
  3. Vertical blinds: these blinds are more used in a formal sense, in places such as an office or commercial buildings. They are a popular choice in the professional world. Vertical blinds are inexpensive and need very little maintenance. They cover huge sliding windows which are placed in open areas of a room. 
  4. Sliding blinds: Sliding blinds are more used in places like homes and intimate gatherings. They are used for patio doors and oversized windows. These blinds are to be attached to the ceiling or walls. They are easy to use because they glide easily on a wheel carrier track. They add a modern and chic feel to the surroundings.
  5. Roller blinds: Mostly used in children’s rooms or simpler homes. They are also used in offices or primary schools because of their simple classic look. Roller blinds come in various patterns that add an adorable look to the area. Mostly laminated sheets of any colour are used which are very easy to clean and sustain for a long period of time. 
  6. Shutters: Shutters are mostly used in hotels and resorts in the contemporary world. They are supposed to look stylish and provide the utmost privacy to the guests who are living in the rooms. They used to have a characteristic brown colour which is modernized to many colour options. It is being used globally for a long period of time. 
  7. Honeycomb blinds: For someone who needs complete protection from the outside world, honeycomb blinds are the perfect choice for them. As the name comes, they are made of pleated fabrics which are joined at the edge and look similar to a honeycomb. They are used mostly in homes to provide extreme privacy to the user. 

Blinds are more useful with respect to curtains. They are easy to handle and do not need constant cleansing. Nowadays, blinds come with automatic sensors which can be manually used by using a switch or a remote.  One can enhance the look of their room by adding these chic and classy blinds and improving their way of living. 


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