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Smiling is the reason behind our success. However, beautiful teeth are the reason behind the smile. To maintain our smile, it is necessary to consult a dentist. The common problem with teeth is toothache.

Toothache can be of various types and for different reasons. The dentist Toongabbie takes proper care of the tooth. All of us must visit the dentist for regular check-ups so that they can check out our teeth and let us know the problem. 

Common Problems Of Teeth

Half of the people suffer from bad breath. We all want a great smile to increase our confidence. That is the reason dentist Toongabbie takes proper care of the teeth.

  • Tooth decay: Tooth decay is also called dental cavities. Almost 90% of people experience tooth decay at a certain point. The reason for tooth decay is when bacteria form a firm called plaque on the surface of the teeth. The bacteria started to produce acids in the teeth. The acids damage the enamel, and ultimately the teeth begin to decay. It causes toothache and bad breath. 
  • Gum disease: Gum disease is an infection that spreads from teeth. The common symptoms of gum disease are swollen gums and blessing gums. Gum disease is harrowing and causes severe effects if not treated properly. However, the reason for this is skipping brushing and frequent eating causes it.
  • Bad breath: Bad breath is very common among older adults. It is also called halitosis. The dentists state several factors. Those are dry mouth, taking several medicines, poor oral hygiene, poor brushing technique, etc. Spicy food also causes bad breath. Garlic and onion are the main reasons for it. 
  • Sensitive teeth: When the dentin is exposed and enamel is worn away, one will feel sensitive to the hotness and coldness of the food. The hot and cold food travel to the tubes of the teeth directly to the nerve. This causes intense pain. The other factors of sensitive teeth are root infection and gum disease. That is why the patient should use a medicated toothbrush and paste. Upon the intensity of the problem, the dentist treats it.
  • Broken teeth: The teeth were broken due to the deficiency of calcium. The side or in the middle. Other causes are chewing hard food, mouth piercing, grinding of teeth while sleeping, etc. Due to the broken teeth, the gum and tongue are also cut, and blood often comes out. It is always best to consult the doctor whenever you face a problem.

These are the common problems of the teeth. It is best to consult the dentist for a regular check-up. Who knows what problems we have with our teeth? Instead of neglecting, it is good to visit doctors as soon as possible.


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