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The fertility option for cancer patients, also known as oncofertility, is known for giving fertility and sufficient endocrine sparing features to the patients that undergo life-preserving and gonadotoxic cancer treatment. Often, the cancer treatment in the patient affects fertility. This is troublesome but several treatments have been devised to deal with it. The cancer patients who want to conceive need planning after the treatment has been finished. 

The techniques for cancer patients to conceive can also include fertility preservation services. Fertility preservation refers to the process of saving the sperm or eggs in advance to be used by individuals in future for conceiving. Females dealing with cancer can opt for fertility preservation services near them and consult with their doctor as well to find a solution to their problem. 

What changes could occur in the body during cancer treatment? 

There are several types of treatment that are carried out for treating cancer patients. It can include the removal of organs that might be required for conceiving and holding pregnancy. Apart from this, the medications can lead to changes in the levels of hormones. It can also lead to failure and damage to female eggs. 

It could be a result of the cancer treatment that the female fertility could be damaged permanently or temporarily. Therefore, several women take the step to preserve their fertility in advance and avoid issues later in such situations. Also, you must be able to find a good fertility clinic in Mumbai to get an idea about the treatment. Your medical condition will say a lot about whether you can conceive or not. 

Best time for fertility preservation

The best time for fertility preservation would be when the cancer treatment hasn’t started yet or surgery has been performed. In addition to this, you yourself have to be aware of this situation as the doctor might not necessarily ask you for this. So, you might need to bring up the topic all by yourself. 

Find the best consultation for fertility preservation

Along with that, the consultation with the specialist must be able to help you understand the risks and rates of success associated with the process. Further, you should be clear that no method holds a 100℅ success rate. The hopes must not be kept high until the final result is observed. You should ask your fertility specialist about the risks associated with the natural conceiving process. You could also be asked to wait for a few months after the cancer treatment has been completed. 


As you present your concerns regarding fertility in front of the specialists, the cancer team might conduct a meeting regarding what could be done to increase the chances of fertility in a female. Those patients who are highly stressed about this case may be asked to get in touch with a fertility professional as well. This could help in getting a clear picture of the situation. Both cancer and fertility specialists could discuss what could be done to help the patient. The counselling sessions might also be conducted to ensure the patient does not freak out.


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