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A podiatrist can be described as a professional who specializes in the medical care and treatment of the foot. In case you’re suffering from some issues in your feet or you’ve had surgery recently, you can visit a podiatrist in St George to get the treatment. Feet are a very important part of your body. If you need to walk around freely, you need to maintain them nicely, especially when you start ageing. Visiting a podiatrist can be your best solution to get rid of such concerns. Let’s talk about this professional in detail here: 

More Than Just Feet 

While a podiatrist is primarily going to work on issues related to your feet, his services are not limited to doing just as much. Sometimes, the professional can also diagnose and treat ankle and lower limb problems, although this depends on where they work. Since they undergo a lengthy course to become podiatrists, they know a lot about issues concerning feet, ankles and lower limbs. So if you’re facing any of these concerns, you can visit a podiatrist in St George that’s near you. 


You must be curious how these professionals know the actual problem in feet before providing the solution. The first thing that a podiatrist will do is to look at your medical history, and whether you have faced these concerns in the past or not. Thereafter, a basic physical examination of the foot will be done. It would be seen if your foot is suffering from swelling or skin discolouration. The professional may ask a person to walk around or to move their feet and toes in different directions. Once the initial diagnosis has been made, the actual tests will be conducted. A skilled podiatrist in St George would like to conduct all the necessary tests such as imaging tests, blood tests, quantitative sensory testing etc. 

Types Of Podiatrists 

Various professionals are working as a podiatrist all across the world. Some of them may work to treat a variety of general foot conditions. But there are some of these professionals who have picked a particular field, such as sports medicine or wound care. Some of these specialists include orthotics, diabetes, dermatology, pediatric care, neurological foot conditions, and autoimmune and inflammatory conditions. So you can pick on a particular type of podiatrist, depending on the issue that you’re facing with your feet. 


The next to know about a podiatrist in St George is how he’s going to provide you with the treatment. There are times when the issue is severe, calling for the podiatrist to collaborate with another specialist or an entire healthcare team. But some of the normal treatments that a podiatrist works on are: 

  • Setting fractured bones
  • Providing medication like pain relievers, antibiotics, and antifungals
  • Providing injections to relieve the pain
  • Treating inflamed or torn tendons and ligaments

So a podiatrist can be helpful to you in many ways. Whenever you feel that your feet are suffering from some concerns, you should visit a podiatric centre in St George to get the right treatment. Since these professionals are specialists in dealing with foot issues, they will provide you with the best solution!


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