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What is a Hamptons-Style Staircase?

Hamptons style staircase are known for their classic and elegant look, featuring a white and bright colour scheme, traditional millwork, and a coastal feel. They are a popular choice for homeowners who want to add a touch of sophistication and charm to their homes.

Choose the Right Materials

When creating a Hamptons-style staircase, choosing the right materials is crucial. Opt for a white or light-coloured staircase, such as painted wood, to create a clean and bright look. For the railing, consider using wood or iron with a simple and classic design.

Add Traditional Millwork

Traditional millwork is a hallmark of the Hamptons style, and it can add elegance and charm to your staircase. Crown moulding, wainscoting, and panelling are great options to consider. Be sure to keep the millwork simple and clean, as Hamptons-style design is all about understated elegance.

Choose the Right Lighting

Proper lighting is key when it comes to creating a Hamptons-style staircase. Look for lighting fixtures that are simple and elegant, and complement the overall style of your staircase. A chandelier or pendant light can be a great option to add some extra sparkle and charm.

Incorporate Coastal Elements

The Hamptons style is often associated with coastal living, so incorporating coastal elements into your staircase can enhance the overall aesthetic. Consider adding coastal-themed artwork, accessories, or a seagrass runner to your staircase to create a relaxing and beachy atmosphere.

Keep it Simple and Elegant

The Hamptons style is all about simplicity and elegance. When designing your Hamptons-style staircase, be sure to keep it clean, understated, and classic. Avoid too many colours, patterns, or bold designs, and opt for a cohesive and refined look.

Add Some Personal Touches

While keeping it simple and elegant is key to Hamptons-style design, adding some personal touches can make your staircase feel unique and special. Consider adding family photos or meaningful artwork to your staircase to make it feel like a true reflection of your personality and style.

Consider a Shiplap Wall

Shiplap is a popular Hamptons-style design element that can be incorporated into your staircase. Consider adding a shiplap wall to create a clean and classic look. Be sure to keep the colour light and bright to maintain the Hamptons’ aesthetic.

Choose the Right Stair Runner

Stair runners are a great way to add some texture and colour to your staircase. When choosing a runner for your Hamptons-style staircase, opt for natural fibre material, such as jute or sisal, in a light and neutral colour. Avoid bold patterns or bright colours that can detract from the overall aesthetic.

Emphasise Symmetry

Symmetry is a key element of Hamptons-style design, and it can be incorporated into your staircase to create a balanced and harmonious look. Consider adding matching sconces or decorative accents on either side of the staircase to emphasise the symmetry.

Consider the Overall Design of Your Home

When creating a Hamptons style staircase, it’s important to consider the overall design of your home. Make sure that your staircase complements the other design elements in your space, such as furniture, accessories, and artwork. This will help create a cohesive and unified look throughout your home.

Work with a Professional

Creating the perfect Hamptons-style staircase can be a challenging and time-consuming process, especially if you’re not familiar with the design elements and materials. Consider working with a professional designer or contractor who has experience in creating Hamptons style interiors. They can help guide you through the design process and ensure that your staircase meets your style and functional needs.

Creating the perfect Hamptons style staircase is all about choosing the right materials, incorporating traditional millwork and coastal elements, and keeping it simple and elegant. With these tips and inspiration, you can create a stunning staircase that adds charm and sophistication to your home.


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