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If you have finally planned to start the decking project, then you have to be very analytical about the financial aspect of the job. Among all the other factors, price is one of the most important factors that you need to consider right from the beginning. And if you want to install the timber decking, you have to prepare the finance accordingly. 

Variations in price

When you are requesting the hardwood decking prices from different companies, you have to be ready to get different quotes. And the quotation of the same company can sometimes even fluctuate. Do you know why?

It is because the price of the hardwood depends on several factors, including

  • Species of the hardwood. 
  • Environment type at the time of installation
  • Designs and quality
  • Quantity of procurement

How to estimate

Estimations of the hardwood decking prices usually depend on the total cost of the materials and the labour charge for installation. the chief aspects of the charges include

  • Digging the holes for stumps
  • Installation of concrete stumps
  • Installing the subfloor along with bearers and joints
  • Deck installation

But the final pricing will also consider factors like the shape or design of the deck, its height from the ground, the material you select, and the additional options as finishing touches. 

Composite vs. wooden decking

You will be highly surprised to know that the hardwood decking prices will be much lower than the composite decking prices. If you use the premium quality of timber, still the amount that you have to spend will be much lower than that of the composite deck. 

  • The Burnt Ash species is more expensive than the other counterparts like Blackbutt, Fijian mahogany, or Ironbark. 
  • Jarrah is available at a very low price which can go up as you improve the quality. 
  • Pacific Teak and Spotted Gum are the standard ones available.

Timber board size

The standard decking board sizes are usually 85×20 mm or 130× 20mm, varying from one manufacturer to other. You will also get many other options for the board sizes. The larger board sizes are essential when installing the deck for commercial purposes or high traffic areas. 

A 19mm or 20mm thick hardwood deck board is typically durable enough for residential purposes. The hardwood decking prices are directly proportional to the thickness and size of the boards. 

Substructure material

Underneath the decking, there will be a substructure, and for the hardwood floor, you usually have to use the treated pine as a substructure material. But the hardwood decking prices will shoot up if you choose to use hardwood substructure for fire purposes. 

Ground height

If the decking gets exposed to weather elements, you will need at least 300 mm to 400mm of ground clearance. So you will need the steel or timber subframe underneath the deck for imparting the necessary elevation. The higher you have to elevate the deck off the ground, the more will be the expenses to buy the materials. 

Now that you know the chief factors that can influence the hardwood decking project, you can argue properly if you feel that a contractor is quoting an illogical price. 


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